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a gut feeling that their distress might be dementia related. He pulled over and offered help. As it turned out, the man had dementia and had wandered away from home. His wife had just found him. Palmieri is helping LiveWell to develop Dementia Friendly first responder training, which will be piloted this fall.
As the Director of Community Development, I work to advance the Dementia Friendly Southing- ton initiative along with an Action Team of commu- nity stakeholders, that includes Deputy Chief Palm- ieri. This wonderful team consists of committed local leaders, people living with dementia and fami-
lies of people living with dementia. Together we are working to make Southington Dementia Friendly. Jim and Judy met with the team in July. Judy was “impressed by the group’s enthusiasm for making the Southington community aware of dementia.”
Sector specific Dementia Friendly training for our first responders, faith communities, library staff, organizations/businesses, and restaurant employ- ees, is a critical component of becoming a Dementia Friendly community. Curriculum development and training is underway in Southington where there is a process in development for regular refreshers. Soon
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