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 tax for the upper rank, one shilling, three farthing for the middle rank, and ten farthing for the lower rank. Payment to the township in the form of wheat and corn was levied based on parents income. His tenure lasted only a few months and was followed by many other short tenured instructors.
Decisions moved slowly then as now, and ac- tions were either tabled or rescinded at town meet- ings for more pressing issues. Not surprisingly, major efforts to secure a permanent schoolmaster lasted over a decade.
In 1686, Wallingford governance decided to send a Tom Yale to talk to the county marshal to determine if a fine must be paid, and if so, could a
discount be achieved if the town agreed to comply. After paying a negotiated fine of five pounds, the fol- lowing year three resi- dents agreed to create a school and work on hiring a school mas- ter and pay him a half penny until the school master could secure payments from par- ents. The township continued to pay a fine of four pounds until a school master was hired.
By 1693, activ- ity started to occur on many fronts. The town
voted to give and sequester all land lying between country road and the old mill, including the mill pond for school use. No maps exist from that era to indicate the exact location of this land.
Eleazer Peck, John Parker, and John Moses be- came the first school committee. They authorized the town selectmen to hire a woman to teach in summer, and a man in winter. [No explanation giv- en] A harbinger of things to come through the cen- turies, the committee told the selectmen regarding hiring a school master, “to procure one as cheap as they could”. The initial funding to employ a teacher would be six pounds.
  Bounded by Hamden and Cheshire now known as Cook Hill
  Along Turnpike Road east of Cheshire, now known as Parker Farms
   Bounded by Cheshire and Meriden, now known as Yalesville
 Bounded by Meriden, Middletown and Durham, what is now known as the North Farms
  Along North Elm St and Hillhouse Way area including Beaumont Farms
   South Main Street central district
 Bounded by North Haven, Northford including Wharton Brook now known as Pond Hill
   Bounded by Durham known as Northeast Farms
 Bounded by Northford including Mackenzie Reservoir known as Muddy Riv- er
  Bounded by North Haven and Hamden
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