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North Main Street School
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into two districts.
That same year, the Ecclesi-
astical Society was authorized by General Court to care for each town’s schools . Every society of 70 families was obliged to main- tain a school for eleven months a year and received grants from General Court.
It did not take long for another district to be created. In 1717, the town divided into three school districts. The third location was in northern Wallingford North Farms area.
That first school master, Har- ry Bates, appeared to be doing a fine job, since in 1721, he was allowed to sit in the first pew in the front gallery of the new meet- ing house, the highest of honors. Farmers on west side [Cheshire area] and north side were given their share of school money, but the town added a farthing to the pound of their taxes.
With the three districts came the creation of one room school- houses. One schoolhouse was located on South Main Street be- tween Prince and Ward Streets, one was in the then Yalesville area near what would one day become the Yankee Silversmith Inn, and the third in northern Wallingford.
It was at this initial Yalesville schoolhouse that an eventual signer of the Declaration of In- dependence would receive his education. Lyman Hall , who was born in 1724, the same year the Yalesville school house was built,
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