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attended this school.
The mid 1700’s saw rapid ex-
pansion of districts. Three dis- tricts quickly swelled as multiple school districts were configured due to constant friction over school district boundaries
In 1815 the first efforts in stan- dardization were introduced. All books used in the various school- houses were revised to establish a uniform school system for each school.
The consistent friction over school districts lead to 10 dis- tricts by 1840. Each was to have their own single room school- house, but only nine were devel- oped.
The schoolhouses were situ- ated at the crossroads of the geo- graphical center of each district.
Moses Yale Beach, born in 1800 in Yalesville and attending the one room schoolhouse there, believed his vast wealth and suc- cess was due in great part to his Yalesville schooling. He had funds secured to build a high school, but his support for the Civil War resulted in funds donated to aid in war preparations. After the Civil War, he wanted to donate half the costs of a high school so others could benefit from a good educa- tion if the town provided the oth- er half.
His offer was rejected so in- stead he donated a vast tract of land at the corner of Christian and North Main to the town in 1868 to be used for school purposes only. This is the site of the current Mo- ses Y Beach School.
Having attended sixth grade there, I was impressed by how big the school yard and ball fields were. I now appreciate it was the vision of Moses Y Beach himself to donate so much land for Wall- ingford schools.
In October 1868, at a town meeting, it was voted to build a

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