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global following, “Center Ring,” hosted by ‘Fogman’ and produced by Bruce Haag.
In October 2019, six local produc-
ers won Alliance for Community Media Nor’Easter Awards. Local filmmaker, Sal
DelGreco, took 1st place for Episode #3
of “The Sparrow Falling” in the category
Arts & Drama. Other winners included
Georgian Lussier for her in-depth
interview with holocaust survivor Judith
Altmann, who is now 95 years old. The
youngest winner, age 5, is AyLiz Boran,
host of Creation Station. AyLiz discovered
WPAA-TV during the annual Community
Media Day, the third Saturday in October.
She made Halloween video messages with other chil- dren she met that day.
Her mother, Alyssa Boran, owner of Catalyst Art Studio made a three-minute movie about painting the downtown fire hydrants. The movie-makers must create a video about a Wallingford person, place or thing that includes the challenge line and image. The holiday challenge is open from December 15 to Janu- ary 5. Check out the website for more details about this all-ages opportunity.
Another award winner was Music with Pur- pose. Now in its 4th year, this performance/talk show is also a live audience experience. Guests are treated to refreshments and listen to local original
music. Producer, Lisa Catherine, has elicited the generosity of local businesses and musicians to create this cozy and free entertainment experience right here in town.
Innovative pro- grams such as Com- mUnity Conversa-
tions have also been recognized. This show features a conversation between any two people about di- verse topics. A winning episode was “My Neighbor is Muslim,” a story about a differently shared experi- ence. There has been positive viewer feedback about this series as well as HumanKindBoth facilitated by Chaplin Miyan Zahir Muhammad Mannan. It is a pro- gram with five strangers sitting around a table dis- cussing current topics.
As stated by volunteer crew member, Tom Oh, “WPAA-TV fosters inspiration, and facilitates growth
for all, from those on set, behind the camera and in the viewing community; we become a bit more learned, connected via every aspect of the experi- ence of making TV.”
In 2017, the WPAA-TV Board of Directors affirmed a strategic plan they call “More Than TV”. The plan emphasizes the gathering of people, stories and dona- tions for media center’s work. As part of “More Than TV,” the rotating gallery in the community room has become a permanent exhibit. It features photographs by Wallingford resident Charles Buzinsky. The theme aligns with the WPAA-TV mission to represent and serve underserved voices. The exhibit is free. How- ever, donations such as nonperishable food are wel- come. Masters’ Manna Food Pantry receives most of the donations. 100% of the proceeds from the Street- shotZ book sales are used to fund programs helping with housing and food insecurity.
“More Than TV” includes hosting local theater companies. Specifically, Connecticut Compass The- ater Company and Backyard Theater Ensemble use studioW to develop their ensembles and rehearse for performances to be staged in larger venues. CCTC provides skills training and improv experiences for members of the community.
As part of the “More Than TV plan,” WPAA-TV, and Community Media Center has become a train- ing location. Participants in High School Community Service, Summer Work for Youth, and college interns have explored media there. There are also opportu- nities for scouts to earn merit badges, teens to gath- er after school, and civic groups to meet. President Herb Jackson says, “Discover more about our story with our hashtags and help to make our story your story too. #AnyoneCanBeFreeman #NowMoreTh- anEver we want you to be part of our story.”
From Freeman, “Remember when you come to take a selfie with Hercules the tiger, come in and say hello and stay to see the gallery!”

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