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 An Unofficial Partnership:
Wallingford Community Women and Holiday for Giving
  Wallingford Community Women group photo
 by Sally Tremaine
Volunteerism is one of the most selfless acts that we can become involved in. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” Two organi- zations in Wallingford have embraced this concept, serving the town through the efforts of volunteers. Both Holiday for Giving and Walling- ford Community Women rely on members of the community to orga- nize and provide services which make our town a better place.
This year, Holiday for Giving will recruit many residents to assist their efforts to give food for the holidays to over 400 needy Wallingford families, toys and books to over 350 children, and a packet of personal hygiene items for each family. And members of Wallingford Commu- nity Women will enthusiastically respond, as they have for years, to Holiday for Giving’s call for help to make the holiday season more joy- ful for less fortunate members of our community.
Although the relationship between the two community groups is not an official partnership, WCW has always provided assistance to HFG through donations and manpower. In the upcoming holiday sea- son, WCW members will participate as usual by helping to distribute and pick up donation boxes, collect and sort the food and toys that are donated, and help families choose toys, clothes, toiletries and more during the pick-up week. WCW’s annual gift of hams supplements
HFG’s food collection for Wallingford’s low-income families.
Wallingford Community Women recently voted to increase their support by adding a cash donation which will allow Holiday for Giving to purchase gift cards that will be distributed to older children for ac- tivities such as bowling or movies. Older kids don’t get toys, but Holiday for Giving wants to make sure they get something fun as well.
Volunteerism from the Wallingford Community Women ranks has increased as well, with several members stepping up to assume more responsibili- ties. WCW member Melissa Bivelacque is now serv- ing as Treasurer for Holiday for Giving, assisting HFG Director Jennifer Lavoie with a variety of activi- ties as the group ramps up for this year’s food and toy collection and distribution.
Beth Guidone and Joellen Nellums, also WCW members, offered to take on responsibility for the donation boxes which are placed in businesses all over town to collect both food and toys. They are in the process of contacting those that participated last year as well as orga- nizations that may wish to join the effort in 2019. Boxes will be dis- tributed the week of November 1 and picked up the first week of De-
   Sally Tremaine, center, presents a check

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