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The holiday season is upon us once again. In this, our ings with Poetry group adds greatly to the smorgasbord of fifth year of Wallingford magazine, we have featured poems cultural delights. In this time of thanksgiving, friendship for our wonderful Saturday Mornings with Poetry group and love, may the poems touch your heart and enrich your
 in many issues, and this issue is no exception. The Poetry group continues to grow, and it enriches the lives of all who come. If you love poetry, please join us! The cultural life in our town is so rich and diverse. The Saturday Morn-
A Rush to Winter and Beyond
Who would deny the feral thought That Summer’s mowing gone for naught And leaves that once produced the shade March ever downward in parade
And slowly wither ‘oer the soil
At once become another’s toil The landscape’s guardian we suppose A once tanned profile lachrymose
Does ponder still the season’s statement Holds bitter comments in abatement That ever onward soon to show
Lynne Grobsky
Equipment meant to manage snow
Yet all to soon the snow and ice Moved safely off well worth the price The moral choice for safety’s sake Forsake the salt, embrace the rake
to the brothers of the world
living and serving my materialistic needs I’m sorry for values
my culture has bequeathed
stuck in a midst of tribes allegiance offers no sanctuary money is the new religion and I never miss Sunday mass
to the kin
cohabiting and decaying in my filth I apologize
for expediting your demise
But ignorance shadows many lies Blinded by my hedonistic hues
I’m trying to fix my corrupted views
to the voice in my head
wondering how shrieks could be so silent
how life could be so worthless
If change was always a verb
or an action that precedes
But apologies can only mean so much my voice has no motivation
and the pen only collects dust
Ying Liu
Outside steely gray skies
mirror quiet suburban sidewalks crisp cold morning frost
L. Jack Singer 2019
Wallingford Magazine – Holiday, 2019

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