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late afternoon darkness empty elm limbs
wool hats with wide brims patches of brown
mingle with green blades naked barrenness anticipates snow
a first flake
will bring excitement
Inward we turn to
warm fireplaces & ovens assessing accomplishments
mind, body & soul
limbs of pine
twinkle & shine
customs & celebrations
gather family & friends
mistletoe & oplatek
bestow health, wealth & happiness out the window a first flake
brings excitement
By Kathy Sabo
Nursery School Pastorela
Each white clad angel, from Centro Infantil gold halo glittering twirls, blissful
in her own dream world
as a tiny devil-in-training entranced with the bulk of her fat tail
finally flings it
over her shoulder, leaps
joins the tiny townsmen in straw hats and serapes dancing with counterparts in aprons and headscarves as they circle with joy
in front of the manger
tiny Mary on the left,
Joseph, bearded, with grand mustache on the right, rocking
the cradle, which holds
a real kicking baby, wearing white onesie, white booties and a white satin skirt. This year Baby Jesus
is a girl!
Lois Read 2018

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