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Wallingford Magazine – Holiday, 2019
Poem #23 From Notes to My Son
by Josiah Houston
If art is how we decorate space,
And music is how we decorate time,
I must surmise that Love
Is how a place with no space and time Decorates us
Seeking the Seeker
They came to seek
The One who came
To seek, and save
The lost, whom He’d claim
They sought the One Who came to seek And save the lost – Our Savior, meek
He seeks us out Even today
Seeks us, saves us, Guiding our way
Karen Jacobson Burwell From my book, Christmas’s Witnesses
Thank you for the Sun rising at dawn Painting the sky, the color of rainbows. Thank you for my house upon the hill Overlooking the flowers where butter- flies gather.
Thank you for my wife
Who lit the path away from moonless skies.
Thank you for my family,
We pass the plates and conversation Celebrating our common bond and our differences,
Discussing what is and what was. Thank you for the friends I reach out to. Thank you for the friends who are memories.
Thank you for this moment, Realizing my mistakes and regrets. Thank you for the lessons I have learned.
Thank you for what I do not understand. Thank you for this age of body aches. Thank you for my dimming eyes. Thank you for the changes. Thank you for the things that will not change.
Thank you for the road traveled. Thank you for leading me to the undis- covered.
By John DeDominicis

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