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It’s not “just another summer” at YMCA Camp Ingersoll. Whether you are a longtime Camp Family, or you are considering joining our family for the first time, every camper will discover new opportuni- ties to demonstrate the uniqueness and passion that makes them a valued and supported member of our Camp Ingersoll Family!
We support camper’s growth by providing them opportunities to learn and live by our camp values. When counselors witness their campers following these values, they award a color bead on a chain to that camper: Caring – Red; Honesty - Blue; Respect – Yellow; Responsibility – Green; Family – White. Campers collect their beads and are excited to explain what the beads are and how they earned them.
Last summer, campers earned beads at Specialty Areas. These beads were not simply awards for participation, but they exempli- fied the dedication that a precision craft takes to complete, the skills necessary to paddle through a boating course, or the forti- tude demonstrated in order to conquer fears while climbing to the top of the ropes course.
This summer, campers can earn skill beads after learning a skill taught by our camp leaders! They will start fires, build shelters, tie friendship bracelets, explode volcanoes, tie-dye and more. Now, they can proudly display their learning with their skill beads!
Our counselors have always acknowledged campers that go above and beyond to demonstrate values. This summer, the Camper of the Day will be recognized at the amphitheater every morning. The camper will be awarded a Value Medallion and have the opportunity to introduce the camp day with Director Ben! Camper of the Day is another way we’ll encourage and acknowledge our young leaders at Ingersoll.
Leaders in Training (LIT) will replace the First Year Counselor in Training (CIT 1) program. We understand not all LITs will want to be counselors. Our LIT program can serve as a transition to CIT 2, or as a stand alone camp experience for older campers. LITs spend more time bonding as a group while learning how to work as a team, communicate effectively, and respect each other’s dif- ferences and passions. There will still be learning opportunities for the future counselors, but the emphasis will be on group dynamics and having fun! CIT 2 will still provide opportunities to shadow counselors, facilitate activities, and learn the ins and outs of being a counselor.

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