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Southington Magazine — Summer 2019
A Vital Voice in Southington
By Dawn A. Miceli
Chairman, Southington Chamber of Commerce
Southington is so fortunate to continue to sus- tain a stand-alone Chamber of Commerce in our community as many surrounding towns and cities have regionalized and merged with nearby Cham- ber offices.
It’s no wonder we continue our autonomy giv- en the vibrant business and non-profit district for which our Chamber is a critical voice. Our Southing- ton Chamber forms positive partnerships with the business community, the Town of Southington, and civic organizations to ultimately encourage positive economic growth and development.
Over the past year, the Southington Cham- ber Board of Directors has analyzed the value of a Chamber membership. In this day and age, is there a need for a business advocacy organization, a net- working group, and an overarching supporter or champion of commercial, retail and industrial es- tablishments?
In fact, the answer is an emphatic “yes”! The Chamber’s wheelhouse is all that and more: busi- ness advancement, representing the combined interests of our merchants, and nurturing a strong economic climate in a community-oriented fashion. A partnership with the Chamber is a sure way to en- hance a company’s branding, marketing, visibility, and best practices.
I’m often asked by members of our business community how they can get more involved in “the
town.” But truly, other than providing well-designed and maintained infrastructure, guidance and over- sight in our Planning and Building departments, and opportunities for businesses to bid on municipal projects, there’s not really much that the “town” can do to get a business involved in our community.
What I really think they’re asking is – how do I get my business name or brand out there? How do I en- gage more in our community? How do I connect to potential customers and clients? How do I increase my visibility in the area?
And obviously, that answer is the Chamber. That’s exactly what we do – we foster those crucial connections that enhance business development and relationship-building. And we do it by providing access to people and information and resources. We do it via programming and events and network- ing opportunities. And we do it by spearheading activities and volunteer efforts and workshops that promote positive interaction and stewardship among our members.
Over the first quarter of 2019, our Chamber web- site garnered more than 80,000 hits! The Chamber is an invaluable resource for our community – es- pecially our online business directory, which allows viewers to search for an electrician, a banker, a land- scaper, and even a civic group to join.
The Southington Chamber of Commerce is in- deed one of the cornerstones of our community. It underpins the overall spirit of Southington and adds to the desirability of living, working, and operating a business in town. One Chamber = One Voice.

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