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Southington’s Hottest Attraction
 If you haven’t checked out the exciting escape room ex- periences at Escapism yet, what are you waiting for? Escape rooms are unique interactive entertainment experiences where you and your team (friends, family, coworkers) work to- gether to solve puzzles and connect clues in a closed room be- fore time runs out. Escape rooms are popping up everywhere and Escapism is one of the best in the area and they’re right here in Southington! Escapism maintain an incredible focus on the details in each room, making sure everything is as true to life as possible - the lighting, sounds, smell, and every item in the room contributes to the atmosphere - allowing guests to immerse themselves in another world for an hour. The rooms at Escapism are sure to offer a challenge for just about any group, but the Escapism team tries to offer a less steep learn- ing curve for new players.
Game operators watch and listen to each group’s progress through cameras in the escape rooms and can provide hints to help prevent teams from getting stuck. “Our goal is to make sure everyone who comes here really loves the experience, and
if that means giving less experienced teams more help, then we do exactly that,” says Chelsea Z, one of the owners at Es- capism. “We want to turn first time players into escape room enthusiasts!”
Getting out of each room often requires a diverse set of skills and activities, with puzzles ranging from searching the room for clues, to math and logic based puzzles, to cracking codes, to physically interacting with something in the room, and everything in between. Each puzzle solved reveals ad- ditional clues or items to be used in solving the next set of puzzles and advancing to the finale.
Escapism opened in August 2018 in the Factory Square building in downtown Southington and has quickly become one of the highest recommended things to do in town. Since opening, Escapism has run nearly 1,000 games for both begin- ners and escape room experts. Over 4,000 people have played including several highlighted groups - an 80th birthday party, a group who have played over 700 escape rooms together, a Sherlock Holmes fan club, multiple evenings with board game
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