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enthusiasts, large corporate groups with up to 50 people, family reunions, and many, many others.
Escapism currently has three rooms open with a fourth planned to open over the summer. Each room not only offers a completely different experience from the others, but often has a different type of puzzles, unique to that room. “The Tomb is our newest room and we decided that an ancient Mayan tomb shouldn’t have lami- nated clues taped to the walls. So all the puzzles in The Tomb are driven by hidden sensors and electronics that magically open locked compartments when teams do the right combination of actions,” add- ed Chelsea. The Tomb was also designed to require teamwork and cooperation so many of the puzzles require four people to complete them. Do Not Disturb has been Escapism’s most popular room and drops players into a creepy, abandoned apart- ment to discover the whereabouts of a missing tenant. Meltdown is an intense nuclear disaster themed room where teams are the only ones able to prevent a catastrophe. Escapism also has a beauti- ful BYOB lounge area that can be reserved for private parties or just catching up with friends afterwards.
Corporate groups looking for team building activities or for entertaining cor- porate outings should consider Escap- ism as a great alternative to the usual events. Escapism has designed challeng- es into the rooms that require teamwork, communication and a varied set of prob- lem solving skills that should appeal to corporations looking to build these skills with groups of their employees. The Es- capism lounge provides a private space for these groups to debrief or a combina- tion happy hour and team building event.
Experiences at Escapism must be booked in advance either online (www. and click the Book Now button) or by calling 860-426-0084. Indi- vidual rooms can be reserved for groups of 2-10 (the maximum number of par- ticipants varies for each room) and larger groups can split between multiple rooms for some friendly competition. When you reserve a room, you are guaranteed to have that time slot just for your party - you are never paired up with strangers. Regular ticket prices are $29 per person plus tax and group discounts are offered for groups larger than 12.
  Immersive Escape Room Experiences!!
   Three exciting experiences for you to explore with a fourth coming soon!
Always private bookings – fun with your friends, family, coworkers Factory Square • 168 Center Street Southington, CT

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