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What is it about living in a small town that makes it special? Of course, there is the histo- ry, the architecture, the founding families, and the community leaders in government and ed- ucation, not to mention those brave souls who protect us in their police and fire uniforms. These are all critical, but there is another el- ement that makes a small town special, pre- cious, fun, and rewarding....that other element is the small businesses that support the needs of the town.
Of course, we know about the big names in business; Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Henry Ford, and so many more, but if we look close to home, we find many local business heroes and survivors. These are the people who took the chance, the leap, the risk of beginning their own businesses, often on a shoestring, and have worked so hard, survived hard times and recessions, and kept on striving to serve. They serve their friends, their neighbors, visitors to the town, and so many others in so many ways.
We see them. We might know them. The amazing thing is how little we know about their magnificent stories of success through their passion, their honoring of their employ- ees and service to their customers, and their responsibility to their families and the town they live in. They are major taxpayers, em- ployers, supporters of charities and children’s activities. These are true heroes of Southington and this section is dedicated to them.
Southington Magazine — Summer 2019

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