Page 15 - Wallingford Magazine Issue 23, Summer 2019
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  Mayor William W. Dickinson, Jr. at the ribbon cutting.
 world then back in the 80s, the Internet and many multimedia tools needed to be integrated into the learning system. I developed a complete learning system focusing on the most popular chord pro- gressions used in thousands of songs to help stu- dents learn their favorite songs quickly and eas- ily while also getting all the theory and techniques needed to become a great musician.”
The younger, the better, when it comes to learn- ing music. The pre-schematic stage of artistic learn- ing starts at age three or four. This is when children start to understand the basic concepts of rhythm and timing. Once they have a solid music founda- tion, children will excel musically in any instrument they choose to play. Rock House offers an early mu- sic program for children ages four to seven called Little Rockers Classes. Children take their first mu- sical steps starting with rhythmic exercises using percussion instruments to learn the core of timing then have their first lessons on piano, guitar, uku- lele, singing and drums.
Says McCarthy, “Children are like sponges at the young age of four to seven. Getting a solid founda- tion of rhythm and timing at this age lights up the synapses in their brains and they understand music much more effectively. This allows them to excel at any instrument they choose. Also until a child ac- tually gets an instrument in their hands and tries a

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