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 few lessons they may not truly know what instru- ment is their perfect match. We start the children on their way and then once we see the instrument they gravitate toward we move them on to private lessons.”
Rock House and the McCarthy’s are firm believ- ers of giving back to the community. Their philan- thropic actions are to be commended. They founded an arts non-profit organization called TeachKids- This organization helps by raising money to fund music programs, provide instruments, in- struction and performance opportunities for chil- dren who need assistance. They also donate their time to run festivals, Youth Open Mics and many other events to grow the arts community and help many children get a chance to play music that may not have the opportunity.
McCarthy adds, “We raised our family to give back in many ways, it’s part of who we are and it’s what the Rock House family is as well. It’s sad but when budgets are cut many times music and arts programs are the first to go. In the past I have or- ganized music festivals and had musicians such as Doug Wimbish and Will Calhoun (Living Colour), Paul Pesco (Madonna, Hall & Oates), Leo Nocentelli (The Meters) and many other famous musicians share the stage to raise funds. In West Haven, the location of our first music school, we raised more than $20,000 for local music programs during the past few years. We hope to do the same in Walling- ford and surrounding towns. We want to support and help develop an active music community and
showcase the area’s talent.” is a certified 501(c)3 non-
profit, if you are interested in helping their mission or donating gently used instruments you can con- tact John McCarthy directly.
Rock House is truly a family-run business, Mc- Carthy’s wife Cathy is the school’s Music Director and their three children work and teach classes at the school and even have a band that performs at their festivals.
“We are so excited to open our school in the heart of Wallingford! We look forward to contribut- ing to the community and guiding students of all ages to achieve their dream of playing music.” said Cathy.
Rock House is not just starting their music mis- sion they have been teaching music since the 80s and they have a history that is very interesting.
John McCarthy always had an entrepreneur- ial vision for music education. He started his own guitar lesson business at age 13 in the basement of his parents’ house. Soon after he had his eye on ex- panding, thinking he would hire a few friends who were great musicians to teach piano and drums. That was the birth of Rock House School of Music. Through his high school years he expanded to have six instructors teaching hundreds of students.
In the late 80’s McCarthy thought he needed to expand and find a way to teach people all around the world his unique method. He took his life sav- ings and recorded the first instructional video series for guitar ever released on VHS video in his parent’s living room. The instructional series was an instant success and the Rock House Method was spread- ing across the country.
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