Page 17 - Wallingford Magazine Issue 23, Summer 2019
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  In the late 90s VHS was be- ing phased out and the world was embracing a new medium – DVDs. McCarthy had a vision of creating a new way of learning to play mu- sic with high quality video on DVD combined with an Internet mem- bership for lesson support and additional learning tools.
After a successful launch of this new learning system McCar- thy started reaching out to some of the greatest musicians in the world to teach lessons. Realizing that although these players were great musicians they may not be great teachers, he wrote and de- signed each program focusing on the style and uniqueness of each musician. Next he trained the art- ists for several weeks to teach each lesson in an effective man- ner. Rock House released more than 50 artist-driven instructional programs featuring artists such as John Moyer (Disturbed), Gus G (Ozzy Osbourne), David Ellefson and Kiko Louriero (Megadeth), Doug Wimbish (Living Colour) and many others.
McCarthy has written more than 60 books for learning to play many instruments. His Rock House Method books are what he calls “enhanced learning multimedia books” combining books with on- line interactive tools, audio back- ing tracks and streaming video tutorials. The Rock House Method books have won many awards for its forward thinking innovation.

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