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 Dave serving a happy customer at Cliffside.
       brewery, having opened its doors in October 2017. Own- er and Brewer Dave Durant, a Wallingford resident and longtime home brewer, loves to experiment with new styles and flavors. You’ll find ales, stouts, IPAs, sours, and more on the tap list on any given day. Cliffside’s nano- brewery status – a brewery that produces less than 5 barrels per batch – means that the menu is constantly changing and customers have the opportunity to try something different nearly every week
 On the second and fourth Friday of each month at Cliffside, Dave’s daughter Samantha runs trivia. If beer isn’t your style but you don’t want to be left out of the fun, you can enjoy a glass of wine, hard cider, or spiked seltzer. Cliffside Brewing is family friendly, with free pop- corn, board games, video games, and two televisions to keep everyone entertained. Once referred to as the “liv- ing room of downtown Wallingford” by a guest, Cliffside
 Dave Durant at the tap at Cliffside.
offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for local and traveling craft beer lovers.
 Fritz is one of the true industry pioneers.
Jim and Fritz developed successful businesses by
offering consumers a new menu of beer and ale choic- es and others were inspired to follow. Their success seemed to reflect a result of the trend John Naisbitt identified in his 1982 blockbuster book, Megatrends. Naisbitt claimed people were moving away from limited to multiple choices in many things, such as specialty foods, including beer!
Another significant change occurred in 1974 when the Jimmy Carter administration repealed a federal law that had made it illegal to brew beer at home since the repeal of prohibition in 1933. As a result, thousands of new home brewers began brewing their own beer at home. All three Wallingford brewers started their brew- ing careers at home. Not only did they enjoy making and drinking their own beers, but friends did as well and en- couraged them to make more.
So, slowly at first, but moving at a furious pace in the past several years, the demand for full flavored, unique, and now, locally made beer and ale has made it possible for a successful brewery or more to thrive in virtually ev- ery city and town.
You will enjoy different experiences at each of the Wallingford breweries.
Cliffside Brewing is the pioneer Wallingford craft
Bar and customers at Front Porch
Front Porch Brewing, on North Plains Industrial Road, was started in 2017, by Ryan Voytek and Tiffany Ul- rich. Ryan is the head brewer while Tiffany manages the bar and also helps with brewing. Both got their brewing start in West Haven as home brewers, but decided on Wallingford as their location when it was recommended by friends at the New England Cider Company, another great local beverage producer, also on North Plains In- dustrial Road. Front Porch Brewing is more daring, brew- ing a wide variety of unique styles and exciting flavors, such as sour beers, ales aged in whiskey barrels, and collaborations with other craft breweries. They also fea- ture guest beers on tap from other craft breweries. Situ- ated in an industrial warehouse, you can bring a group of friends or the family and “picnic” inside at large tables, or play one of several video or table games that are avail- able.
Because of limited capacity, they also contract some
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