Page 28 - Wallingford Magazine Issue 23, Summer 2019
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ing, since the C F Wooding building was demolished and converted to a parking lot just behind the brewery.
Supplementing the great beers and ales, all three breweries encourage customers to bring their own food or order from one of the many great Wallingford restau- rants that welcome the opportunity to deliver.
Wallingford is centrally located, halfway between Hartford and New Haven, and a short drive from Mer- iden, Cheshire, and Middletown. Interstate 95, the Wil- bur Cross Parkway, and Route 68 all run through town, with Wallingford as a likely hub.
So, for an interesting Wallingford experience, why not try one or more of these local breweries? Each offers an unique experience and there are sure to be more spe- cial brews and events as the summer unfolds.
About Bob Birdsey:
“I have lived in Wallingford for 45 years where my wife, Cindi and I raised our three children, Sarah, Jenny , and Brendan. I retired from an interesting career in marketing and sales of industrial instru- ments, including a short time at Revere in Wallingford before they closed. I developed an interest in beer and breweries, especially craft breweries, and my jobs allowed me to visit many of the early craft breweries. When I started, many states had no craft breweries and some were lucky to have even one! New Haven’s Hull Brewing Company was the only brewery in Connecticut, and that closed in about 1975, leaving Connecticut with no breweries for several years. Now there is no need for me to travel far for good beer.”
Wallingford Magazine – Summer, 2019

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