Page 6 - Wallingford Magazine Issue 23, Summer 2019
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Tyler Mill Preserve
Wallingford Magazine – Summer, 2019
by Tarn Granucci, editor
I had the good fortune to attend the re- opening of Tyler Mill Preserve after it had been closed for over a year due to the mi- cro-burst in 2018. I was one of more than 40 people of all ages to attend and we learned so much from the two professionals who led the hike. We began at the bridge over Muddy River where the old Tyler Mill had once existed.
Our tour guides were Dianne Saunders, Wallingford Conservation Commissioner and Peter Picone, Wildlife Biologist with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. They led the hike through the Tyler Mill Preserve, open for the first day since the micro-burst. It was so much more than just a walk in the woods. Dianne and Peter shared so much information about the nature of nature and the effects the passage of time and impacts of weather events have on plants, animals, birds, frogs, and all life in a natural environ- ment.
Dianne is a wealth of information about the evolution of the Tyler Mill Preserve area and all the other open space and trail sys- tems in the town of Wallingford. She and Peter gave an informative informational talk before we set off on the hike. Once we got moving, both of them pointed out so many interesting nature situations and conse- quences most of us would just walk by un- aware. Dianne pointed out areas that now looked so different since the micro-burst tore out huge sections of trees and foliage. Areas that had always been shady were now very bright with the sunlight as there was no tree cover to block the sun.
Peter could look at any live plant and explain what it was, how it would react in the new environment, and how the plants

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