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I met Hillary Talmadge and Donna Wolcott in early May at Holo-Krome in Barnes Industrial Park. I had heard of the company but really knew little or nothing of what they are all about. I was delighted to find an immaculate facility and two very enthusiastic women who were excited to help me understand a lot about this company that is celebrating its 90th year in business in Connecti- cut. They placed an ad in our Spring Issue of Wallingford Magazine and are now capturing this entire two-page spread to celebrate their excitement on these pages in view of the residents of the town of Wallingford.
Donna has worked for Holo-Krome for twenty-five years and I could feel her enthusiasm for being at a company that has a rich history and produces amazing products of the highest possible quality and integrity. Their products are components for a huge range of technical products in our world. Donna is always happy to come to work and is so proud to be a part of this organization.
Hillary has been on board for a shorter period, five years, but has also gained a similar level of enthusiasm for being part of Holo- Krome. She also spoke of the company’s history and showed me photographs of the founders from almost a century ago and the stories of how the company grew and
developed over 90
years. It is an impressive story to learn and far too long for these two pages but I will try to sum it up a bit to help you understand the nature of the products and their purposes. To do that, I will here quote from a recent article in the Record-Journal’s “Business and Industry” publication titled “The Leader in the Fastener Industry,” as follows:
“Holo-Krome serves a comprehensive and far-reaching num- ber of industries worldwide including motorcycles, automotive, heavy equipment, hoisting and rigging, mining, aerospace, defense, diesel engines, and amusement park rides, just to begin. Add to that, satellites, trucking, wind turbines, structural steel, foundries, construction, customizing, and more....”
“All of that requires an enormous inventory, and Holo-Krome has it, presently with more than 2300 SKUs in their current cata- log. Their extensive inventory of stock such as ‘Yellow Box’ prod- ucts including socket head cap screws, button, flat, and low head cap screws, set screws, Allenuts, dowel pins, shoulder bolts, and ‘program’ parts including B7 heavy hex cap screws, structural bolts and 12 point cap screws, are readily available, both in-house and through the company’s worldwide network of distribution........”
I was invited to the first of their com- pany celebratory barbecues in late June. I arrived at noon on a rainy day to find Donna in the company’s large dining hall setting up
Holo-Krome Cel
Wallingford Magazine – Summer, 2019
Holo-Krome VP Andrew Taylor and David F. Tusio, Jr. from Senator Murphy’s office are pictured during the 90th Breakfast Celebration.

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