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                                                               brates 90 Years!
  a buffet of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, salads, and deli- cious desserts. She was being assisted by Marybeth Raymond, a key person at Holo-Krome. By 12:15, about eighty employees began to enter and line up for their free lunches. All were in good spirits and appeared grateful for their nourishment provided by their em- ployer.
I spoke with Marybeth and learned that she has been with the company for over thirty years and originally took the job on a temporary basis until she could find something different. Well, she found out that she loved working for this company and still does. In her role as Purchasing Manager, she helps people in the company in many ways and feels rewarded for the benefits that she brings to her company and her co-workers. I then sat with a gray-haired gentleman named Kevin McCarthy. I introduced myself and we talked about his experience with the company. By serendipity, I had chosen the man who is the longest-term employee of Holo-Krome, having worked there for over 40 years!
Kevin only had good things to say about his place of employ- ment. He likes his work in Manufacturing/Receiving and says he has been very well taken care of by his employer. He has no regrets and would recommend this company to anyone looking for a good place of employment.
The world is changing and Holo-Krome is as well. Their origi- nal primary types of products have dropped to about half of their production and they have had to work hard to find new employees who want to work in manufacturing. Representatives have worked with the high school system in Wallingford to try to educate high school students as to what kind of jobs and types of work exist in manufacturing.
In Hartford, Jamison Scott is a Guidance Counselor for trades and tech at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology. He has conducted tours at Holo-Krome and worked with the educa- tion department in relation to CapStone. Today, it is harder than it used to be to find qualified employees who will commit and stay with the company. Holo-Krome recruiters have worked with tech schools such as Vinyl Tech, Goodwin College in East Hartford, and Community Colleges. They had a job fair at Sheehan and students have come to the plant to shadow workers. Unfortunately, the typi- cal college career is generally not likely to lead students into manu- facturing.
Hillary — “We make the best!“
Donna — “We make special products by special order!” Marybeth — “We do whatever it takes to make great products !”

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