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  “For the most part, it’s been a smooth transition,” Garzone said at practice Thursday at Housatonic Re- gional. “I think having played and doing it for as long as I have, that question [of having a woman as a coach] isn’t there in the forefront of most of [the players’] minds.”
She had always liked playing football and thought about it in high school, at Sacred Heart High in Waterbury, but it was a backup plan in case she didn’t make the soc- cer team. Then she made the soccer team. She played soccer, basketball and softball in high school, then at Post University in Waterbury.
One of her soccer coaches told her about the Crush.
“She called me up and ‘Hey, do you want to come play football?’ and it was a done deal from there,” Garzone said on Thursday. “It was
amazing. Just the sport itself, the ca- maraderie.”
She paused, watching the slow- er MCW players finish their mile run around the track.
“Hey, make sure you put pres- sure on who’s in your group to get them in because some of them are still walking,” she yelled. The play- ers who had already finished start- ed running with the others and en- couraging them along.
“Coach, what group am I in?” one asked her.
“It’s like having 47 children,” said Garzone, who has a 4 1/2-month-old girl with her hus- band Francesco Garzone, a math teacher at Wolcott Tech.
She laughed.
“Although I’m glad I didn’t give birth 47 times,” she said.
But does it feel like that some
days? she was asked.
“Yes,” she said. “With no epi-
The players tower over her. To
them, she’s “Coach.” Or “Stango.” Eric Hickey, a senior wide re- ceiver, said there’s no difference having a male or female head
“We always have that mental-
ity that we have to work hard and, hopefully, come away with the win,” he said. “I think it’s the same.”
The team hasn’t won since the merger in 2016. Wolcott Tech last won a game in 2014. So most days, she’s not thinking about being the first female coach; she’s thinking of what she will do to get the team its first win.
“When you’re the first, the eyes are watching, the microscope’s on you. It is [pressure],” she said. “I try

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