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 coach last year so he could watch his daughter play.
Weaver girls basketball, facing low numbers despite being a game away from the state finals the last two years, forms a co-op with cross- town rival Bulkeley »
But a week or so before Thanks- giving, Dave, who usually walks a mile a day, didn’t feel right when he went on his walk. He made it only a couple hundred yards when he real- ized he couldn’t catch his breath.
“That happened a couple times,” he said. “Then I was running a little clinic for the seventh-grade girls and I realized it was hard. I didn’t have the giddy-up I should. I went to the walk-in clinic. They checked my heart rate. They said, ‘You better get to
your cardiologist right away, you’ve got a serious problem.’ The very next day, I was in Hartford Hospital. The next day, they put in a pacemaker. The third day, I stayed there most of the day and came home.
“Of course, like everything else, when they look under the hood, they found some other stuff. I have to take care of that in January.”
John teaches in East Hartford. Dave runs drills the first 30 minutes of practice until John can get there because the girls have the early prac- tice slot. The two are a good team; they’ve coached Bacon baseball to- gether for the last 20 years or so with John as the head coach.
“I have a lot of confidence in John,” Dave said. “I sit and sort
of watch and keep out of the way. Once someone is coaching, they don’t want someone else butting in.”
But there’s no way he couldn’t be there.
“As long as he doesn’t get fired up,” John said Thursday. “I don’t know what’s going to happen be- cause he’s very competitive when the game starts. We haven’t had a game yet.
“He wants to be here. [If he couldn’t], that would be problematic for him. He enjoys being around the kids. He loves the game. He’d prob- ably get around it and say, ‘I’m just a spectator’ or something. He’d get around it somehow.”

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