Page 44 - CHSCA Magazine Issue 2, 2019-2020
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   The CHSCA awards four $1,000 scholarships at their Coaches Recognition Banquet to four out- standing young people.
The four youngsters are chosen from a group that typically starts with approximately 250 and gets subsequently cut down to the top 50. The 50 youngsters are screened by a non-coaching committee headed by Plymouth Superintendent of Schools Dr. Martin Semmel. From those 50 they
choose four scholarship winners.
The Connecticut High School Coaches Associa-
tion cannot thank our sponsors enough for their contribution and support of these scholarships. “The sponsors you see surrounding this article have always been outstanding people with our state, but this certainly shows just how great they really are,” stated John Fontana, Executive Director.
  The CHSCA would like to thank our sponsors of the Scholar/Athlete Scholarships for being there for the student/athletes.
The CHSCA would like
to thank The Aqua Turf Club, Bozzuto’s, Nfinity,
The Farmington Club, and Wounded Warrior Project for being our sponsors.
   Sponsors Make Scholar/Athlete Scholarship A Big Success

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