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 PG & Friends Team: L-R Emma Tuttle, Missy Cipriano, Ashley Malloy, Theresa Malloy, Donna Tuttle
• INDEPENDENCE: Encourage and develop independence through actively learning communication skills, time and money management, self-control, good personal hygiene, and kitchen know-how.
• EMPLOYMENT: Showing up on time and being ready to serve are the greatest keys to continued employment. Fostering skills like punctuality, following directions, asking for help, and flexibility become stepping stones to other employment in the community.
• COMMUNITY: Preparing and eating
food creates community. Customers and employees, through daily interaction, contribute to each other’s lives. Supporting the special needs community by the simple purchase of a cup of coffee can change the course of one’s day!
PG’s & friends will be launching in January 2020. The hours of operation are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1 to 5 p.m. They will be offering a variety of meals, soups, gourmet meals to go, and various sweets. Students from both the All Access program at SoCCA and STELLAR, a Southington High School transition program, as well as young adults 18-years old and older with developmental disabilities, are encouraged to inquire about employment.
“Emma and our whole family have been embraced by the Southington community,” affirms Donna Tuttle, “and we are excited to be part of the unique synergy that happens when individuals with developmental disabilities are given opportunities to grow to their fullest potential.”
For more information, contact Theresa or Ashley Malloy at 860.621.9999, or email info@paulgregorys. com. You can contact Donna at pgsandfriends@
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