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page Madge to the fabric coun- ter. Pleased with myself for tak- ing matters in my own hands, I turned to hear my daughter say to the customer next to us, “If anyone asks, I’m with YOU.”
Then there was the time at Barnes & Noble. It was years ago, again with my daughter, on a busy Saturday. We waited an eternity to get checked out . No cashier at this register, or anywhere. Again, a store phone sat on the counter. It rang and RANG. So I answered it. “Barnes & Noble, may I help you?” I trilled in my best sales voice. The voice on the other end asked what time the store closed. “6:00,” I replied. I truly had no idea. Again, my daughter scanned the crowd for someone to adopt her.
This stuff all actually hap- pened. Now, those who know me well know that my family crest is a clenched fist with the words, “I want to speak to the manager!” scrawled above it. (I want to attri- bute this quote to comedian Jer- ry Seinfeld, but I can’t be sure.)
To illustrate, I recently vis- ited a popular pharmacy chain— the one that, when you scan your rewards card at the kiosk, it spits out a ribbon of coupons long enough to use as garland to adorn your Christmas tree. I had also gotten coupons in the mail. I try to shop locally, and I enjoy feeling like I save a few bucks with their coupons. And the staff there is very friendy.
As usual, I went in for one or two items. I browsed, based on my coupons, and tossed assort- ed toiletries, etc., into my basket. I felt good, since I calculated that I’d save about $12.00. I get to the register and fan out my coupons

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