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on the counter. The cashier scanned my purchases and coupons. You know — Save $2.00 off Two, or Buy One, Get One Half Price. I had four or five cou- pons.
“Oh, it won’t take this coupon.” Then, “You can’t use this shampoo coupon with that 30% off coupon. Oy. “Why not?” I ask. “It’s in the fine print,” she says. Then, “Let me get George.” Okay, is George the manager? He looks to be all of 19.
George scans the coupons. “Nope. These won’t go through.” Other times, they’d ‘override’ the sys- tem so I could use them. “Okay,” I say, “take back these two items,” pushing them towards him. Then he says, “You can’t use this BOGO coupon with the mailed one either.”
“WHAT?! WHY NOT?” I ask, seething at this point. Before George could answer, I pushed all my items towards him and said (loudly,) “Ya know what? Forget it. I’m not buying anything! I like shop- ping here, thinking I save some money. But it has become increasingly difficult to shop here!”
To which George deadpanned, “You want your coupons back?”
Should I laugh or scream?
Lately, my prep for any shopping trip involves The List (I screen shot it with my phone because I invariably lose The List—like the time I finally found it nestled among the grapes at Stop & Shop.) Add to that the reusable bags, keys and my purse.
Hmm. Why is my purse so heavy? What the hell is in here? After dumping it out on the bed, I discovered five lipsticks (all the same shade,) two flashlights, two large pillboxes and an assortment of pens.
Which explains the strong tingling/vibrating sensation in my right arm. Petrified that I was in the throes of a heart attack (wait, isn’t that the left arm?) I called my daughter (no, she’s not a doctor.)
She asked, “Mom, have you been carrying around a large tote bag plus your purse?
I never travel light. I always have ‘luggage.’ Tote bags for all seasons and outfits. Necessary for hauling spare shoes, day planner, Southington Magazine, a sweater, cough drops, a water bottle, oh — and my coupons.
Maybe it’s time to sharpen my online shopping skills. . .
Warmest holiday wishes to all of our readers!
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Wishing you warmth and joy this holiday season, and a New Year filled with peace and happiness.
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