Page 25 - Southington Magazine Holiday 2019
P. 25

Besides my older and soon-to-be U.S.
Marine brother lip-syncing to Johnnie Ray and my older sister writing letters
to her boyfriend in the Navy, there wasn’t much to do waiting for Christmas and Santa Claus. I
thought because I lived next to
a neighborhood pub Santa would
either stop at dad’s bar for a shot of
Rock & Rye, or be scared off my roof by intoxicated patrons trying to find their cars.
A young boy’s fascination while living
downtown were the night lights; the store windows; those Christmas lights; the beat cop; the creepy looking elm trees towering over the town Green.
It was December of 1951. It could have been December of any year in the 1950s.
Israel Levy worked his Levy’s ladies store every day except Sunday. Joe Salzillo made those sundaes Monday through Sunday.

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