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es often enjoyed his singing and playing guitar as part of his sermons. FCC has produced many musi- cal productions over the years and while Ellis was pastor, Chuck directed productions of Godspell and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream- coat. Gordon acted and sang in the Dreamcoat pro- duction. Chuck published his first novel, Amanda’s Room, while living in Southington in 2012.
According to Ellis, the process for songwriting LOVE HEALS with his brother, Mark, was a chal- lenging one.
“I am a progressive, liberal, Yale Divinity School- educated Christian minister, and Mark is a conser- vative, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary-edu- cated Christian minister, so our theologies are very different. It forced us to discuss thoroughly each Bible passage that we alluded to or song that we wrote: interesting discussions, for sure. The result is 19 songs that transcend Christian theological variations and that can be a bridge, bringing to- gether normally divided Christians.”
Meanwhile, Chuck Miceli’s new novel, Wound- ed Angels, published by a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, comes out January 14, 2020. According to Chuck, the book is, in part, a love let- ter to Southington.
“Wounded Angels is centered on the Bristol Senior Center, where the main characters, and the actual people they were modeled after, were mem- bers. Many of the scenes and much of the action in the book takes place right here in Southington at the places that I regularly patronize. There are references in the book to favorite eating-places like Grace’s Restaurant and Fancy Bagels, Southington landmarks like the Aqua Turf Club and Top’s Mar- ket, and local attractions like Lake Compounce. These are the kinds of places that make Southing- ton such a wonderful place to live and it was great fun weaving them into the story.”
While not a religious book, Wounded Angels tackles one of life’s most difficult challenges: Sur- viving and thriving beyond the death of a loved one. It also addresses one of life’s greatest enigmas: how the wounds life inflicts on us sometimes make us most effective in supporting and even healing others. Rev. Ellis wrote the foreword to the book
and said of Miceli, “In our private conversations, he expressed his personal vision of inclusiveness and his desire to focus on the beliefs and values that religions hold in common rather than what distinguishes them... Despite never using a single theological term, Chuck Miceli offers us an authen- tic, universal example of some of the primary theo- logical pillars that undergird the Christian faith.”
 Some of the songs in LOVE HEALS were inspired by current events. For example, Ellis explained the song “Injured Angels” was largely inspired by the case of the USA Gymnastics team doctor at the center of the sexual abuse scandal that rocked the sports world. After listening to the song, Chuck noted how the lyrics applied equally to Wounded Angels. Rev. Ellis explained further, “Love Heals took about two years to make. About 2/3 of the way through, I was diagnosed with stage-4 cancer, so the remaining lyrics were written from that per- spective and offer a healing and hopeful message

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