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When people think of retirement, they often think of finances, and whether they have enough money for retirement. Michael Callahan, President of LEAP2Re- tire will tell you there are many other con- siderations beyond just finances when you plan to retire. If fact, LEAP2Retire pro- vides a comprehensive educational pro- gram to prepare individuals and couples to successfully transition into retirement.
Mr. Callahan is extremely qualified
to guide individuals and couples into this
new stage of their life. He has over 40
years of experience in the pension field,
with more designations than we can list
here. He is a Certified Pension Consultant, a Fellow in the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA), and is a past president of ASPPA. He is a Retirement Management Advisor with the Investment and Wealth Institute and a Certified Wealth Strategist with the Cannon Financial Institute to name a few.
Courses include topics such as where to live. We need to take family, activities, social connections, physical well-being and even the death of a spouse or loved one into consideration.
Planning for incapacity is a crucial component of any retirement plan and involves not only your physical habitat but legal aspects as well; such as having a will, Power of Attorney and possibly health directives.
Arranging for the integration of Social Security, Veteran’s Benefits and Medicare can be complicated. The LEAP2Retire classes help you maximize available benefits.
Of course, the financial aspect of retirement is covered in detail. What’s wonderful about these classes is that they are not a solicitation for invest- ments, or used as a way to sell financial products. They cover budgets, as- sets, tax consequences, insurance, risk management; and other important approaches to not outliving your money.
Would you think that health and nutrition would be part of retirement planning? Yet, it is our good health that allows us to enjoy an active lifestyle. LEAP2Retire has a session that covers the changing needs as a body ages.
Even the emotional aspects of retirement are discussed in this educa- tional program. Retirement is a new stage of life for an individual or a couple. It’s not raising a family, or building a career. Your identity was defined by this and other aspects of the younger you. People find that retirement is very much a solo journey with a new self-identity.
It makes good sense to explore the many changes that come with re- tirement. With good information and preparation, the transition into retire- ment shouldn’t come with unexpected surprises; and this adds to the plea- sure of retiring.
For more information on this comprehensive program on retirement contact Michael Callahan at LEAP2Retire at mcallahan@LEAP2Retire. com or 860-370-2270.
72 Queen St., Southington, CT
Neck & Back Pain Relief Center
  Michael Callahan
Dr. Daniel Ragozzine has been a Chiropractor since 2016 but he’s had his eye on this profession since he was a sophomore in high school. It’s good to have a mentor in life and Dan’s mentor was Dr. Anthony Nar- decchia. He worked for Dr. Nardec- chia throughout high school and all that the chiropractic arts brought to patients.
After high school, Daniel attend- ed Castleton University in Vermont and then earned his Doctorate in Chi- ropractic at Palmer College of Chiro- practic in Port Orange, Florida.
Following graduation, Daniel went home to Connecticut and be- gan his practice under the tutelage of his old friend and mentor Dr. Nardecchia in West Haven. Here Dan began looking for a practice that he could buy. His search brought him to the Milldale section of Southington where Dr. Carol Grant was interested in selling her busi- ness to the right person. Dr. Ragozzine had noticed that most of the chiropractic businesses for sale were older doctors who had backed down their business, but Dr. Carol Grant had done the opposite. She had spent time building up her client base and Daniel was able to buy this vibrant business. Dr. Grant stayed on for a while and helped make this a smooth transition for Daniel.
Dr. Ragozzine changed the business name to Neck & Back Pain Relief Center and today the business located 1601 Meriden-Water- bury Turnpike operates with Dr. Ragozzine, one chiropractic assistant and four massage therapists.
“A chiropractor is a neuro-spine specialist,” says Dr. Ragozzine. “Someone walks in, in pain; they walk out in less pain or no pain. Surgery should always be the very last option,” he explains. “It’s im- portant to try conservative care first; before drugs and before surgery. Many conditions can be resolved completely.” Dr. Ragozzine went on to assert that the opioid crisis has come from trying to cover up a problem, not fix it.
At Neck & Back Pain Relief Center, Dr. Ragozzine has equipment for spine decompression to assist with herniated or bulging discs. It is one of six in the state. This is used in tandem with massage therapy and stretching, and Dr. Ragozzine explains that this type of conserva- tive care just makes sense.
“I have had broken bones, concussions, and back surgery,” says Dr. Ragozzine. When patients comes to me in pain and numbness, I know how they feel.”
Neck & Back Pain Relief Center
1601 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike, Milldale, CT
Dr. Daniel Ragozzine
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