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 Holiday Traditions
THEN and NOW by Lillian Fellows
Picture this. It’s the classic Christmastime scenario. Quietly Santa places perfectly wrapped gifts under an ornately decorated tree as young ones dream of sugar- plums and a morning filled with toys. Films have depicted the World’s favorite holiday in a very particular way for a very long time; but is it an accurate portrayal of Christ- mas for Modern Times?
To find out how this celebration in the community has evolved over the last 100 years, visiting the Barnes Mu- seum was a great place to start.
Looking at pictures, I was a little surprised that 1920 Christmas was actually not that different from today. Traditions, like those in the Barnes Household, are a quint- essential part of family values as they are passed down to each generation. This rings true no matter what year it is. Christmas trees, nativity scenes, glittery decorations and many common yet special traditions have thrived over the last 100 years. This includes a sweet orange in the bottom of your Christmas stocking. To think, our Great Grandparents were just as excited to pick out the perfect- ly round sweet-smelling treat for their children’s stocking
as we are today.
One famous artist that depicted classic American
Christmas in his illustrations was Norman Rockwell. Smil- ing families dressed in reds and greens, Carolers with rosy cheeks and beautiful New England Homes covered in snow. His artwork will be forever cherished by the public. Viewing his art is possible by visiting the Norman Rock- well Museum in Stockbridge, MA.
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