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THE Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit held a second hearing into the ANAO report on Hawkei as the year neared its end.
As ADM reported on the first hearing, the unusual move of redacting parts of the report at the behest of the Attorney Gen- eral after receiving a request from Hawkei manufacturer Thales Australia for ‘com-
mercial interests’ has set a precedent for such reports.
“During the course of the audit, the At- torney-General issued a certificate under sec- tion 37 of the Auditor-General Act 1997 (the Act) preventing the publication of certain material in the final audit report,” a state- ment from the committee said. “The Com- mittee will continue its consideration of mat-
ters relating to the issuing of the certificate and the publication of the report.”
Many of the issues raised in the first hear- ing related to the timeline of the request to have the report amended. ADM under- stands that both Defence and the ANAO followed their respective duties under the relevant ANAO legalisation, a well-worn path for both parties.
ent, creating the next generation of STEM careers and intellectual sovereign capabil- ity,” Jenkins said.
“Following a $12 million refurbishment Thales also recently reopened our state of the art systems engineering facility to devel- op the highly secure digital systems at the heart of OneSKY and continuing to create the ATM systems of the future.
“With the completion of the system defi- nition review we will move into the detailed design phase.”
OneSKY will improve flight co-ordina- tion, safely increase the use of airspace, op- timise air traffic flow and improve the way planes approach the runway.
OneSKY will manage all civilian and military air movements across 11 per cent of the earth’s airspace, covering the continent of Australia and extending west into the In- dian Ocean and east to NZ.
ANAO report on Hawkei examined again by government
OneSKY hits key milestones
THALES and Airservices have reached two key milestones in the delivery of the OneSKY program.
Thales, Airservices Australia, the ADF and Frequentis have successfully introduced the new Civil Military ATM (CMATS) voice communication system at the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth ATM facilities.
Thales Australia CEO Chris Jenkins said that this represents a major delivery milestone for the program, which will de- liver an integrated civil and military air traffic management system.
Thales and Airservices have also reached another key milestone with the finalisa- tion of the system definition review for
the integration of Australia’s civil and military air traffic control systems.
“We have brought together the best team and the best ex- pertise in the world to deliver OneSKY, and this includes a substantial amount of new tal-
ACM Mark Binskin (Ret’d) with Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne at Thales’ new offices in Melbourne.
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