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40 Years of successful contract negotiations
Scotwork has been part of major negotiations in Maritime, Aerospace, Land and Joint Systems and Projects. We help both Defence and Industry deliver better value and build stronger, sustainable commercial relationships.
We have global reach with a local focus and our successful skill development collaboration with both Defence and Industry confirms our ability to deliver on a wide range of course participants’ differing needs, skill levels and negotiating challenges to learn best practice mutual gain negotiation in a non-competitive environment.
2019 Defence and Industry open enrolment programs
12 - 14 March (Newcastle)
21 - 23 May (Canberra)
18 - 20 June (Perth)
30 July - 1 August (Adelaide) 24 - 26 September (Canberra) 15 - 17 October (Newcastle)
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cently awarded a Defence Innovation Hub contract to build a prototype radar system for Defence.
• Imagine Intelligent Materials is a manu- facturer of components and equipment from graphene, a so-called ‘super mate- rial’ which is extremely thin, conductive and can be manufactured at a relatively low cost. Its current focus is on the use of graphene as a sensor and effector in Hu- man Machine Interface (HMI) systems.
• Kremford is an SME which specialises in the development and production of control systems for stepping electric motors. Step- ping motors have military applications in radar and artillery systems and Kremford has recently also embarked upon a research and development program with academia to develop supercapacitor-based batteries.
• LHD Group Australia is a supplier of protective clothing, including to fire and emergency services in Australia and Asia.
• MMC Learning and Development (MMCLD) specialises in technology- based training and web-based applica- tions and has enjoyed a relationship with Army stretching back to 1996. In 2012 it undertook one of Australia’s largest De- fence technology-based training projects.
• Precision Technic Defence provides in- telligence and communications support and has supplied integrated support for Army’s Land 17 (Artillery Replacement). It is currently engaged in Joint Fires and Situational Awareness projects for the dismounted soldier.
• RedbackBootCompanyisandindustrial and specialised bootmaker and the sup- plier of the ‘Tactic Technology’ combat boot now being rolled out to the Aus- tralian Army and is now working on the ‘next generation’ of combat footwear.
• Special Operations Research and Devel- opment (SORD) Australia specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of police and military clothing, personal protection and tactical equipment. Cus- tomers include Australian and US Spe- cial Forces.
• Systematic produces Command & Con- trol and situational awareness products through its SitaWare software suite. Cur- rent users include the US and the armed forces of several NATO countries.
• Warwick Firearms Australia is the man- ufacturer of rifles for the hunting and farming communities and its WFM4 Low Visibility Carbine is produced for official military and law enforcement contractors.
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