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Air Force (RAAF) Base Scherger – Electrical Mechanical Facility Upgrade Scherger, QLD ($0.8M)
• Project No. NN11673 RAAF Richmond Building and Maintenance Works, Richmond NSW ($5.8M)
• Project No. VT11476 Simpson
Barracks Sergeants’ and Officers’ Accommodation Building Maintenance Works at Simpson Barracks Watsonia, VIC ($4.6M)
• Project No. VT11469 Simpson Barracks Other Ranks’ Accommodation Building Maintenance Works at Simpson Barracks Watsonia, VIC ($7.4M)
• Project No. VT11468 Simpson Barracks Operations Buildings Maintenance Works at Simpson Barracks Watsonia, VIC ($12.5M)
• Project No. Q10776 J0056 EOLRP – Work Package 1: RAAF Base Amberley + Mt Stuart, QLD ($30.3M)
• Project No. J0056 J0056 EOLRP – Work Package 3 – RAAF Base Edinburgh, SA + HMAS Stirling, WA ($31.9M)
• Project No. N2262-1 Sea 1654 Phase 3 Maritime Operational Support Capability – Sydney Facility Works, NSW ($22.3M)
• Project No. 11544 Building Works at Blamey Barracks, Kapooka NSW ($3.3M)
St Hilliers interest in Defence related works is focussed on construction
and infrastructure projects. Working nationally, we deliver design and construction services on a varied range of projects across the Defence estate. Whilst the range of projects we deliver is broad, we specialise in projects
that have a technical or specialised capability focus, and multi-site, national projects. We place a strong focus on maximising local industry participation in our projects through engagement with the communities we work in as well as increasing opportunities for trainees & apprentices in the region to upskill the industry for future works. We are very conscious of the challenges faced by the men and women of the ADF when transitioning to civilian
life and St Hilliers looks to provide employment opportunities for ex- Defence personnel in our projects to assist with their new career path. St Hilliers also actively promotes cultural awareness with both our own staff, through a cultural competence training program, and our subcontract partners and strive to exceed the minimum requirements of the indigenous procurement policy (IPP).
Current Defence projects being bid exceeds $300M in value and includes; • Project No. QD10741 Lavarack
Barracks Electrical & Mechanical
Replacement, Townsville QLD ($4M)
• Project No. N11752 Singleton Building
Refurb & Maintenance, Singleton,
NSW ($9M)
• Project No. NCIS-2 MOSC Armament
Wharf Extension, HMAS Stirling, WA
• Project No. A9063 Land 4502 Phase 1,
RAAF Base Townsville, QLD ($42M) • Project No. ES2241 Naval Guided
Weapons Maintenance Facility,
Orchard Hills, NSW ($70M)
• Project No. R7096 Air 7000 FOB
Package 4, RAAF Darwin ($65M)
• Project No. SN11569 HMAS Creswell
LIA, Jervis Bay, ACT ($6M)
• Project No. J0105 Joint Health
Command Garrison Health Facilities Upgrades, Multiple Locations ($80M)
Defence and Space markets based
on software, lasers, electronics, optics, gimbals, telescopes and beam directors, optical coatings, precision mechanisms and highly ruggedized assemblies.
EOS has an active Remote Weapon System production line and is well able to meet any future needs of the Australian Defence Force for remote weapon systems, sensors and fire control software. The company is also investing in the development of counter-UAS and active protection technologies.
EOS is a world leader in Space Situational Awareness, which is
an Australian Sovereign Industrial Capability. EOS will continue to develop its network of Australian based sensors and associated technology to ensure the continued availability and integrity of this Capability for Australia.
Turnover: Employees:
% Female: RAP: Ownership:
Tel: Website: Contacts:
Electro Optic Systems (EOS) Group
Top 40 Position: 33
ANZ SME Position: 3
$90 million
101 Defence;
43 non-Defence
Listed on ASX (ASX code: EOS) 90 Sheppard Street Hume ACT 2620
02 6222 7999 Dr Ben Green
CEO and founder Grant Sanderson CEO Defence
Cubic Defence Australia and NZ
Top 40 Position: 35 ANZ SME Position:
Turnover: Employees: % Female: RAP: Ownership:
$81.58 million
190 Defence; 1 non-Defence 20.5
Cubic Defence Australia and Cubic Defence NZ are wholly owned subsidiaries of Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB)
The EOS R400 Remote Weapon System is currently in-service with the Australian Army. Sustainment and spare parts for these systems
is provided by EOS. EOS has been selected to provide Remote Weapon Systems to the support vehicles
for the Land 400 Phase 2 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle project. The Land 400 Phase 3 RFT has mandated that tenderers are to incorporate information for the EOS Remote Weapon System into their responses.
For over 35 years EOS has developed products incorporating advanced electro-optic technologies for the | December 2018 – January 2019 | 73

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