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Magazines maketh community
In the debate on the relevance of different media, I’d like to say a
few words in defence of magazines; this magazine for sure, but also for magazines in general. I’m a big fan of
magazines, always have been. I subscribe, pick up a bunch of titles at the airport whenever I travel, even skim the dog-eared tatters in the doctor’s surgery. Currently I get Harpers in the mail from the US. (Twelve issues a year for A$31.00 delivered – I don’t know how they do it.) Here at home I gift subscriptions to family and friends for titles such as The Monthly.
I’m catholic in my tastes; high-end fashion magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire leave me astounded. I believe The Economist is the best news magazine in the world. Even The Spectator is worth a read once you get past the rabid right- wing locals. It’s been ages since I picked up Private Eye, the UK magazine that sets the standard for satire and political nihilism, but I’m cheered by its continued existence in the face of endless libel suits.
Strong magazine identity
Closer to home I’ve been writing, editing and publishing magazines about printing and the graphic arts for over a quarter of a century. It’s been a privilege and I sometimes wonder when someone’s going to wake up to me. Print21 is now with Yaffa Media, one of the
remaining strong magazine publishing houses in the country. It publishes over 30 titles ranging between the authoritative AdNews for the advertising industry, through Bicycling Australia and at least two photography titles. It’s a fair divide between news stand and controlled subscription (as we term free magazines), covering hobbies, industry, technology and commerce. It includes the marvellous Bacon Busters, dedicated to those noble souls whose enthusiasm is for pig shooting. Hugely popular, it also has one of the most loyal readerships. They ring up if
a deadline is missed demanding to know: where’s their magazine?
It’s been ages since I picked up Private Eye, the UK magazine that sets the standard for satire and political nihilism, but I’m cheered by its continued existence in the face of endless libel suits.
All these titles have one thing in common; they create and support community. I believe it’s the most important role of magazines, to encourage community
among readers with similar interests and occupations. Printers in South Australia read about their peers in North Queensland with similar sized businesses and similar problems to solve.
Surrounded as they are by neighbours who are butchers, bakers and candlestick makers, they learn how other printers tackle the common challenges and can take heart that they’re not alone, they’re part of a community. With the decline in industry associations, especially in the regions, they’d never meet in any other way outside the pages of their Print21 magazine. As the official publication of the Printing Industries Association of Australia, the industry’s peak body, we have a special responsibility to ensure we contribute to a vibrant and sustainable community of print professionals.
So, here’s the plug. Print21 is holding its first LIVE! event in conjunction with PKN Packaging News on 3rd August in Sydney. It’s a forum examining the ways printers are moving into digital packaging, a sector that, due to advances in technology, is
no longer out of reach. Bringing together knowledgeable speakers it’s also an opportunity for printers and packagers to network with peers. As an extension of our magazine and your community, it’s another aspect of the unique social utility
of magazines.
I’ll be there. I look forward to meeting
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