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Digital print technology
Ricoh expands appeal of digital print
The launch of a new series of engines from Ricoh delivers extra production power to commercial printers as well as graphic arts and print service providers. The Ricoh Pro C7200 and Pro C7200x series, as well as the Pro C9200, Graphic Arts Edition, cover a wide range of print requirements and position Ricoh at the forefront of digital print production.
operation panel and synchronised LED paper path with on-screen guidance increases operator usability.
A number of print controller options are available. Ricoh’s high performance TotalFlow Print
Server R-62A print controller offers seamless integration with various pre-press workflow solutions including Prinergy from Kodak, Equios from Screen and Apogee from Agfa. Available as an option is IPDS support for AFP datastream variable printing environments.
Graphic arts printing
Building on the highly successful Ricoh Pro C9100 series technology platform, the Ricoh Pro C9200 series, Graphic Arts Edition, also offers improved image quality with outstanding real- time registration. New Auto Colour Diagnosis technology assures colour consistency and stability by detecting and adjusting subtle tone fluctuations while printing – as well as auto calibration using inline sensors.
According to Henryk Kraszewski, Senior Product & Marketing Manager
– Commercial and Industrial Print, Ricoh Australia, the new enhancements in the Graphic Arts Edition machines support customer demands for greater complexity, faster turnaround times and varied run lengths.
“At the same time, they provide users with great value performance through supporting higher quality, on demand production of a wider range of product offerings and printing on
a broad range of substrates including synthetics, carbonless paper, coated and uncoated stock and improved envelope printing support.
“In addition, print service providers can now maximise production
uptime and expand capabilities to more efficiently, cost effectively and profitably answer broadening market demands to support their digital transformation journey. Ultimately, the end customer benefits from striking results delivered on time
and within budget,” said Kraszewski. 21
The three new machines come to market at a time when printers are looking for extra value and more enhancements in their
digital colour cut-sheet presses. Adding extra colours with improved repeatability allows printers to expand the range of work they can undertake. At a time when the digital printing industry is constantly taking on new applications, the latest Ricoh Pro series shifts the conversation to a different level.
All three printer series further support commercial printers, graphic arts and print service providers through their digital transformation by providing competitive differentiation and
the opportunity to maximise revenue, reduce operational costs and empower business growth. The five-colour Ricoh Pro C7200x series, Graphic Arts Edition, has been designed and engineered for graphic arts applications while the four- colour Ricoh Pro C7200 series helps enterprise print rooms to reduce their operational costs.
“Print service providers can now maximise production uptime and expand capabilities.”
User enhancements compared
to the highly successful Ricoh Pro C7100/C7100x series platform include: improved colour stability thanks to auto calibration with
new inline sensors, and improved registration with real-time auto adjustment function. In addition, its fifth station offers wider scope for value-added print applications, with the new ability to print white toner
“Ultimately, the end customer benefits,” Henryk Kraszewski.
Below: Paper path of the Ricoh Pro C9200 Graphic Arts Edition.
plus CMYK in a single pass, further enhancing productivity and impact on metallic or coloured media.
Security print that works
The Pro C7200x series introduces Invisible red toner and is ideal
for a range of entry-level security applications. The recently launched neon pink toner, as well as white, clear and neon yellow toners complete a wide range of fifth colour options. These options allow designers to add additional impact to their printed artwork with embellishing touches, gamut extension for difficult-to-achieve colours or simply for solid eye- catching colour for various prints such as point of sale material.
Productivity is also improved with models printing at rated speed on all stock weights up to either 95ppm or 85ppm plus auto duplex long sheet production up to 700mm, and simplex up to 1260mm. Image quality is exceptional, with resolution increased to 2,400 x 4,800 dpi. Productivity is also boosted across a wide range of media that can now be printed at full rated speed, regardless of weight, up to a maximum 360gsm. The
new models deliver streamlined production with new and improved in-line feeding
and finishing. A new,
intuitive 17- inch
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