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January-February 2019
LEFT: Intelligent equipment: Metal detection is an effective and essential method of protecting your customers and your brand.
BELOW: Increased connectivity levels and digital data exchange can add value along all stages of the processing and packaging production line.
Certain models of Ishida check- weighers can also be used in con- junction with CEIA metal detectors, giving integrated controls from the one control panel.
“When considering product integ- rity, metal detection is an effective and essential method of protecting your customers and your brand. The CEIA MS21, for instance, features multi-spectrum technology, where multiple frequencies work simulta- neously to filter out product signals in a way that is much more effective than a single frequency. This greatly reduces the number of false alarms in the inspection line,” he explains.
“Traditionally these inspection systems should, as a matter of due diligence and regulations, be vali- dated periodically to ensure the units are in fact detecting to the re- quired specification, which requires the quality department, or an opera- tor, to periodically introduce test pieces to confirm calibration. CEIA metal detectors have increased their intelligence levels with self-calibra- tion functionality,” says Marguccio. The THS21 Series metal detectors (pictured above) continuously self- test and adjust their detection char- acteristics, with the metal detector compensating for any variations caused by environmental factors. The auto-learn routine allows the user to acquire the characteristics of the product in the unit so that the product can be inspected.
For the modern day food proces- sor, Industry 4.0 integrated systems can improve automated processing and packaging efficiencies, offer highly attractive return on invest- ment, and provide key food safety, quality and efficiency enhancements. ■
Heat and Control will be exhibiting its latest Industry 4.0 solutions at AUSPACK 2019 on stand D150.
One example of applying such in- novation can be seen in the Heat and Control Fryer technology, Marguccio says. “Given the importance of frying during the processing stage, looking at ways to automate and simplify fry- ing control has become a priority.
“Heat and Control fryers have automation control, which use feed- back from a moisture meter after the fryer to control frying temperature and dwell time to meet moisture tar- gets. This improves the quality of the final product, increases the shelf life and ensures the product is the right size, shape and texture.”
Marguccio goes on to explain that the frying parameters can be moni- tored remotely, giving the operator flexibility in how they manage the fryer. Waste can be monitored at key gateposts in the production line by using product weighing systems to control throughput to optimise the whole-of-line performance. Some heat exchangers can be fitted with oxygen sensing to automatically reg- ulate combustion levels to save fuel and reduce emissions while ensur- ing continuous efficiency.
Inspection equipment, like metal detectors and X-ray machines, have also seen a rapid development in automation and intelligence capabil- ities in recent years.
“Inspection solutions from Heat and Control OEM partner Ishida ensures packaging lines are fully automated. The IX-GA range of X-ray machines can detect unwanted ob- jects like metal, plastic, glass, stone, rubber and bone; draw attention to under-filled or damaged packs; and reduce product giveaway to as little as one to two per cent,” he says.
This range of X-ray machines has the capability to ensure traceability for packaged products by providing an image associated with each indi- vidual package, which can be used in any future disputes over the con- tents, according to Marguccio. “Intelligent monitoring systems can also record the exact gas mixture received by each modified atmo- sphere pack, and the temperature at which sealing took place, thus en- suring product integrity and protec- tion for consumers and retailers.
“When used in conjunction with other Ishida multihead weighers and checkweighers, they can be con- trolled by a single control unit, meaning the settings for every pack format on each machine can be eas- ily called up by the touch of a single button on the panel,” he says.
The Ishida checkweighers also help to improve overall efficiencies as they automatically verify correct product weight or count, eliminate under- weights and protect profits by elimi- nating costly product overweight giveaway, he says. “Previously, this task had been completed manually by operators who checked the fill level of the trays or bags by sight, to assess if the correct amount was in each pack.”
■ Manufacturing companies plan to invest 5% of annual revenue in digital operations solutions over the next five years.
SOURCE – PWC Global Building the Digital Enterprise survey.

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