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January-February 2019
In another live case study Daniel Nicholson, head of IT at UK based Tangle Teezer, which supplies a wide range of ‘lifestyle’ hairbrushes, out- lined how his company has been using the Codikett product security solution from Sekurikett, not only to protect the products but as a produc- tion planning tool and inventory op- timiser. Using the Codikett Cloud Platform, accredited distributors are able to share incoming and outgoing goods information with the system – across all packaging levels: pallets, shipping boxes and individual items. Data can be fully integrated into ex- isting ERP systems or with pre-con- figured hand scanners. So physical and digital product security, global grey market control, GEO tracking and direct customer communication are all possible.
The company has seen a number of benefits since it began operating the system. It has been used to in- crease turnover; reduce time-to-mar- ket; align production capacities with predicted demand; and control shrinkage and undesirable flows of goods, it says. Data analysis also helps the sales team to support dis- tributors in their sales processes and inventory management.
One concept which is really taking a hold on retailers is blockchain, as this allows them to guarantee provenance of goods they sell. Oliver Bolton, CEO of Almond, is using a new block- chain-based ecosystem that aims to create an alternative goods market to benefit consumers, the planet and purpose-driven brands, he says. The FACT range of flavoured sparkling water is the test product.
The DLT and IOT platform allows consumer brands to digitise and toke- nise their physical products, he claims. A secure, hidden ‘Almond Ma- trix Code’ is added, in this case to a Crown Bevcan drinks can where a data matrix code has been etched into the ring-pull, to create a unique digital product identity. This identity then allows brands to share specific prod- uct supply-chain data (for example batch-specific ingredient traceability), reveal the item’s estimated CO2 foot- print (at point of consumption) and also tokenise their products to provide cryptocurrency token rewards.
Sharing the stage with Bolton was software platform provider Evrything’s Nial Murphy whose technology has created the individ- ual digital identities for each FACT can. All this information is de- ployed through an ethereum block- chain. Bolton says his company chose Evrything because of its broad experience with major brands and the scalable product identities it has already achieved.
The grand finale of the first day and the real centrepiece of the event was the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Chal-
Physical and digital product
security, global grey market control, GEO tracking and direct consumer communication are all possible.”
lenge, where no fewer than 21 com- panies had just four minutes to con- vince a GSK ‘jury’ led by Sriman Banerjee, head of Packaging – Global Respiratory Category, and including its global packaging innovation manager, that their A&IP solution is just what the pharmaceutical giant is looking for across both its pharma and nutrition brands.
Following the marathon session GSK awarded three certificates, to Wiliot for its battery free Bluetooth tag technology, Constantia Flexibles for its WOW interactive pack, and Presspart for its smart connected de- vice technology to improve adher- ence and patient outcomes. GSK will continue talking to the companies to further develop their ideas into ac- tual ‘on pack’ solutions.
“It is clear that brands are ‘leading the charge’ towards connected pack- aging on one hand and more sustain- ability for products through the packaging on the other,” postulates Eef de Ferrante of AIPIA. “The proj- ects are getting bigger and with a track record of success across both intelligent and active technologies the only way is up,” he believes
Next year AIPIA plans to repeat its successful USA-based event and greatly expand the Chinese summit it has organised since 2013.
There is a growing demand in all regions for more information about A&IP and how it can add value. The AIPIA plans to bring news of these solutions to as many people as pos- sible, including at the AUSPACK 2019 conference in March. ■
Andrew Manly will be a keynote presenter at the AUSPACK Business & In- dustry Conference 2019
(26 & 27 March) alongside AUSPACK 2019. Addressing the topic ‘Smart Packaging – how can packaging be part of the sustainability solution?’, Manly will provide critical insight on how new A&IP technologies can drive efficiency, reduce waste and give better control of sales, market- ing and the supply chain.
ABOVE: Tangle Teezer packaging sports the Codikett security solution.
LEFT: The FACT range of sparkling water is the test case for Almond’s new blockchain- based ecosystem powered by software platform provider Evrything.

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