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Cama biscuit line takes the cake
Cama has sold a robotic packaging line capable of handling flow-packed crispy bread or filled biscuit carton applications to a leading food manufacturer.
The line can pack between 80 and 200 cartons per
minute, and includes features such as high hygiene standards, an open profile with no bundled cabling, easy entry, a flexible frame,
energy-saving engineering, and ‘fool-proof’ size change parts recognition.
“Versatility, reliability and ease of size change are standard components for a Cama installation,” says Cama. “This line is a great example of Cama’s unique selling proposition,
providing experience, technology and service with the combination of four-axis robots
and high-speed cartoners under the same hardware and software platform.”  January-February 2019
Cama robotics units incorporate smart vision systems, which can automatically select products based on pre-established dimensions and arrival speed.
“Cama robotic applications feature fast, optimal and gentle-han- dling solutions that are proven not to damage even the most delicate products.
“We represent the ideal partner in the Bakery market sector, being able to supply both packaging machines and robots that are specifi- cally engineered for the packaging business,” the company says.
European aseptic standards. “The filling and capping unit benefits from state-of-the-art aseptic technology, and to ensure no particles enter the sterile zone, only a minimum amount of equipment remains present in the sterile zone,” says Serac.
According to Serac, the aseptic filling line aims to deliver premium products to Chinese consumers.
“Although Serac has over 50 filling lines operating in China, Dong Ying is only the second delivery of a fully aseptic
solution,” Serac says. “As Food Union clearly wants to play a leading role in the transformation of the Chinese dairy market, aseptic filling is bound to develop in the country, just as bottles are progressively
gaining market share on cartons.”
Exair pairs conveyor with cover
Exair has released a new fine mesh non-woven drum cover for 205-litre and 60-litre drums. Available in Australia through Compressed Air, the cover works with Exair’s Line Vac conveyor system, allowing the air from the conveyor to circulate when moving material in
or out of a drum.
“The drum cover prevents contamination of your material and keeps it contained in the
drum for a cleaner and safer work environment,” says Compressed Air. “It is the simplest of solutions when needing a containment vessel for your transferred scrap, trim, waste, parts, chips or pellets. It is suitable for conveyance hoses from 3/4” (19mm) up through a 3.4” (86.4mm) outside diameter.”
Line Vac conveyors inject small amounts of compressed air to create a vacuum on one end and high output flows on the other, transporting complex shapes, bulk solids and waste with no moving parts or electricity. They are available in aluminium, hardened alloy and stainless steel, with sizes from 3/8” (10mm) through 5” (127mm).
“They come in styles for use with hose, threaded NPT for use with pipe and a sanitary flange model for use with flanged pipe. The drum cover comes complete with hose clamps and a durable spring buckle strap for quick and easy installation,” says Compressed Air.
Serac delivers for Chinese bottle boom
As bottles continue to gain market share on cartons in the Chinese dairy market, Serac has installed an aseptic filling line at Food Union’s plant in Dong Ying. The system can handle drinks with a broad range of viscosities. The filling line’s diversity of applications is thanks to its Multiflow nozzles, says Serac, which can
adapt to each substance as well as three different bottle formats.
“Highly flexible, the line benefits from Serac’s expertise in changeover management to make maximum use of the production capacity,” the company says.
The line, which comprises a stretch blow-moulder, an aseptic filler/capper, label and shrink sleeve applicators, and secondary and tertiary packaging units, has also been validated according to

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