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The future bookstore
Can you imagine a future where there is no stored stock anymore? We can!
Today’s print market is rapidly evolving and print providers need to keep pace. Focus is on up time, high quality, short run, on-demand and fully customised applications. The Océ VarioPrint® I-series is the solution. It bridges the gap between the application flexibility and efficiency of sheet-fed presses, and the economy and productivity of web-fed systems, without compromising quality.
Enabling print providers to publish a book for 10 or 10,000 readers. Whatever the market demands. A truly sustainable way of printing, saving money and saving the environment.
The Océ VarioPrint i-series redefines the cost, productivity and throughput equation by consolidating the inkjet advantages of high productivity and low running costs with sheet-fed versatility.
The future of printing is here.
For further information please contact Océ Australia Pty Ltd 1300 363 440

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