Page 43 - Australian Defence Magazine August 2018
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A leap forward in diesel outboard engineering
The Dtorque 50hp is the first turbo diesel outboard with dual crankshafts.
This configuration gives exceptionally smooth and vibration-free performance. The remarkable torque output (which peaks at 111Nm at 2500rpm) is greater than the best performing 70hp four- stroke petrol outboard on the market today. The Dtorque is available with either remote or tiller steering.
(150HP / 200HP)
OXE represents Reliability, Strength, and Endurance.
The OXE is the world’s first high performance diesel outboard engine in the
high horsepower segment.
It has a unique belt driven propulsion system coupled to a full hydraulic multi-plate clutch transmission. It is setting new standards for durability, fuel-efficiency
and low emissions for an outboard engine.
The Revolution Begins. Redefining diesel power.
The CXO300 diesel outboard is a world first. Combining the power and torque of
a diesel engine with the advantages of an outboard COX redefines marine propulsion. The result is the most powerful commercial diesel engine ever developed, with levels of efficiency and reliability to match.
For more information, contact Power Equipment, the exclusive distributor for these diesel outboards. Phone 1800 069 469

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