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Streich’s hope is that the very combination of art and wine is a primary benefit of Pord, but there are consumer pluses. With its distinct packaging and seal, Pord doesn’t oxidise as quickly as bottled wine – instead of three or four days, you’ve got from four to six weeks to drink and enjoy the wine.
What’s more, with Pord’s size and portability, it aims to be a good match for Australia’s BYO culture, including picnics, days on the boat, barbecues, festivals and outdoor cinema.
“When you’ve got a hot summer’s day, we’ve allowed enough space inside the barrel to put an ice pack so your Pord stays cool,” says Streich.
Streich. “We’re not interested in being in the business of just selling wine but of selling both wine and art.”
As for reusing the barrels, Pord customers have become quite creative, says Streich, removing the lid when the wine
So far, Pord has been well- received by both the media and consumers, says Streich. But for her, it’s a work in progress.
“We’re out there to change consumer behaviour,” she says. “That takes time – we’re getting you to change your way of thinking. That’s hard. People say, ‘Aw, cask wine, that means the wine is shit.’ Education is really needed.”
Pord barrels are all limited- editions, and the company plans to partner with different artists for upcoming releases. Pord is also not exclusive to Mitchelton winery and intends to team up with other wineries down the track.
The price of each Pord barrel isahefty$160,butforthat,you
get the four bottles’ worth of wine (33 standard drinks) and an enduring piece of functional art. Along with the art, buyers receive a certificate of authenticity (signed and numbered by the artist) as well as a personal note from the artist explaining the inspiration behind their art.
Pord is available for purchase through the company’s website, au, Mitchelton winery’s website,, and gift website hardtofind. The customer chooses the artwork that resonates most, as well as which varietal they want. The company is also finding its way into several stockists, such as South Press Winehouse in South Yarra, and is looking to branch out into gift shops and furniture showrooms thisyear. ✷
“ We’re not interested in being in the business of just selling wine but of selling both wine and art.”
The vessels also find use as centrepieces – and conversation starters – at dinner parties.
And although the Pord casks are not refillable, they are sustainable, as you can repurpose them for ongoing use.
“We didn’t want to make them refillable, because the focusisontheartwork,”says
is gone and using them as centrepieces, ice buckets, planters – even a lampshade.
“I have them in my cupboard, with sugar in one and coffee in another,” she says. “They’re not only decorative and functional, but also contribute to lowering CO2 emissions and reducing the volumeoflandfillwaste.
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