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Matthews’ brand gets a makeover
Matthews Australasia has launched new branding representing its expanded horizons and a clearly colourful future for the ID specialist. PKN spoke to Matthews CEO Mark Dingley about the strategy behind the rebrand and what it represents for the business.
May-June 2019
Four decades ago, Matthews Aus- tralasia was a new company striking out on its own with leading-edge solutions to code and label products.
Today, the second-generation, family-owned business is argu- ably the Australian leader in trace- ability, inspection and intelligent product-identification solutions. Technology underlies every aspect
of its business operations.
Speaking at the company’s re-
branding launch staged at AUSPACK in March, Mark Dingley, Matthews’ CEO, said, “Technology, digital processes and workflows are inte- gral to our solutions for customers, but they are also inherent to our own processes as well as the way we interact with customers.
“We’re really about information- driven manufacturing – for us, for customers. Our customers are the ‘makers and movers’ of Australia. Their output is essential to the Australian economy, so we’re about looking for ways to help them drive efficiency, accuracy and transparency through cost-effective processes right throughout their supply chains.”
It was the realisation of just how much technology was a part of the company that drove the recent re-brand.
“Re-branding was something we considered for quite a while,” Dingley said. “We introduced our chameleon brand way back in 2001. In the two decades since, it’s become synony- mous with integrated intelligent identification, quality products and support. It represented then, as it does now, something we do well: and that is adapt. Adapt to the marketplace. Adapt to our customers’ changing needs. One of the chame- leon’s unique characteristics is its ability to make changes to reflect its environment. Think how Matthews
has evolved from a ‘coding and labelling company’ to where we are today – our own environment has changed with IoT, smart factories and Industry 4.0 being very much a part of business and manufacturing moving forward. As a supplier of intelligent identification solutions, we’re constantly adapting to the market environment because that’s what our customers need.
“The chameleon has been our branding for half our company’s existence. So rather than toss it out and begin again, losing the connec- tion with its fantastic meaning and history, we ‘adapted the adapter’ and made the chameleon a totally contemporary reflection of Matthews. This not only brings it into line with who Matthews is today, but also, importantly, tomorrow.
“Matthews has always been a strong supporter of AUSPACK, so launching it at AUSPACK 2019 in front of customers and the industry just made sense.”
Dingley said Matthews’ focus has remained on helping customers to gain business intelligence, not just attain compliance, through technology.
“And because there is so much more to product identification today, Matthews has four types of solutions we offer customers: ‘code’, ‘check’, ‘capture’ and ‘care’.
“Coding and labelling have been around for a long time, but we con- stantly make sure we offer the best- in-class solutions across all coding and labelling product platforms.
“Check is all about our vision inspection, metal detection, X-ray, barcode scanning and checkweighing solutions, to ensure products are of quality and are safe.
“Capture is our unique software platforms, such as our own in-house developed iDSnet Package Code Management solutions and our new
addition to the iDSnet suite, iDSnet Manager Powered by OFS to elimi- nate manual paperwork and bring live dashboards and reporting to production lines to support improv- ing OEE [overall equipment effec- tiveness] targets.
“Care is our twenty-four/seven service and support, our preventa- tive maintenance, the training we run for customers when and as they need it, plus supplies and our infor- mational resources for customers that continues to expand daily.”
Dingley said forming alliances with the right partners has also expanded the solutions available to Australian manufacturing customers.
“For instance, we partnered with OFS last year to create an integration
It represented then, as it does now, something we do well: and that is adapt. Adapt to the marketplace. Adapt to
our customers’ changing needs.

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