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May-June 2019
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Vernalls who should take responsi- bility for that: the person them- selves, the brand owner, government, the packaging industry, the company? Vernalls’ view was training should be the 70/20/10 split between on the job training, projects and study. On the matter of attracting young people to packaging as a career option she said, “We need to be connecting with young people as they begin the transition between school and uni and highlight the great career opportunities the pack- aging industry presents.”
Nerida Kelton said that the lack
of undergraduate degrees in pack-
aging was hurting the industry’s
ability to attract new talent. She
said, “We’re missing people at that
level, there are no packaging degrees
like there were in the ‘80s and ‘90s.”
Kelton said that there are a range of
educational packaging qualifica-
tions available through the AIP.
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New entrants to today’s job
market have grown up in an environment where the speed, scope and intensity of reaction – afforded by social media – further discourages risk-taking.
Pointing to the big-picture presenta- tion by Moeschinger, Kachouri said industry needs to develop lateral thinking and solutions-focused people, rather than just those who are good at doing what has always been done.
Kelton said collaboration is key
in developing relevant training
programmes and noted that the AIP
is working with over 40 associations
RIGHT: Creativity champion: Keynote speaker, Nikki Moeschinger, MD of BrandOpus.
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