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CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Entertainment was provided by much-loved Aussie comedian Peter Rowsthorn.
Hundreds of guests attended the gala dinner for the relaunched APPMA Awards of Excellence.
Foodmach took home the most awards, with a grand total of three.
Janell Siek (centre) was this year’s winner of the APPMA Scholarship.
HMPS picked up two awards at the event.
The ProSeal team celebrate their Customer Collaboration Award.
Recognising innovation and success in a product or piece of equipment launched in Australia within the 24 months before March 2019.
• Sidel for EvoDECO Labelling Solutions
• Heat and Control for Masa Maker
WINNER: Foodmach for the GEA Vipoll ALL IN ONE Filler
“The industry needs to be brave to embrace innovation,” said Foodmach’s Earle Roberts. “There is a risk, but the commercial advantage is worth it.”
Recognising innovation and success as a result of customer collaboration and engagement in customising packaging and processing machinery to suit a client’s specific requirements, for projects fully completed within the 24 months before March 2019.
• ABBE Corrugated for ABBE Corrugated facilitates CMC CartonWrap for Catch’s DC
WINNER: Foodmach for Dulux Merrifield – Foodmach Turnkey Filling Lines WINNER: Proseal Australia – Commonwealth Collaboration Reducing the Plastic in Packaging
“Industry has to look to the youth,” said Scott Templeton of ProSeal. “We have a responsibility to them, and we need to invest in them, encourage them, and give them opportunities – they will drive our industry forward.”
Recognising design innovation and success as a result of a new idea or modification introduced to a packaging or processing line or module, for projects fully completed within the 24 months before March 2019.
• Heat and Control for the Dual Energy X-Ray – IX-G2
• JMP Engineering for JMP Rotary Sorter 2800 CPH
WINNER: HMPS for the Compact Frame
“I am so proud of our team. Australian manufacturing is now world class, and we can compete on any stage,” said Mark Emmett of HMPS.
Recognising the innovation and success of a product or solution in a new or existing export market in the 24 months before March 2019.
• Fibre King for RSC Top Load Case Packer at The Griffin’s Food Company • JMP Engineering for PepsiCo Systems
WINNER: HMPS for the Robotic Unloading Cell
“I pay tribute to my competitor Greg Windsor, CEO of Fibre King, who encouraged us to look overseas to southeast Asia,” said Mark Emmett of HMPS. “I took a three by three stand [at ProPak Asia] and had a great show, been growing ever since. Now, six years later, it is a massive market for us.”
Recognising excellence in imported equipment launched in Australia, including service and promotion by the Australian agent, of equipment principally designed by an overseas supplier, who is represented by an Australian company or registered Australian office for an international principal.
• BioSteam for KHD Jet 4 Dry Steam Conveyor Belt Cleaner
• Insignia for Domino M230i-P150 Automated Pallet Labelling System WINNER: Foodmach for the GEA Vipoll ALL IN ONE Filler
“Development came over a late night beer. The customer asked for all-in-one can and glass line,” said Vipoll’s Jakob Salamun. “I asked our technical director, he said it could not be done, but then stayed up all night and came up with an idea in the morning. Two years later we had the line.”

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