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May-June 2019
Robotic Automation brings “game changer” AGV
Robotic Automation has partnered with Swedish company MAX AGV for AGV transport and warehouse systems which it says offer customers greater flexibility.
The MAX AGV and warehouse management system (WMS) allows customers to perform and configure their own system for future expansion and modifications, according to Robotic Automation.
The solution runs on a client server based Windows environ- ment with Microsoft products, which the supplier says makes it easy to configure and allows customers to perform their own editing of AGV tracks and functions.
It handles transport, warehousing, load tracking, buffering and order swapping to optimal dynamic route selection, charge
control, priorities and dead lock prevention – all shown in real time 3D visualisation; this allows users to be in control of their AGV systems and react quickly to changes in their organisations, the company adds.
Colin Wells, managing director of Robotic Automation, says MAX AGV provides an efficient, simple and flexible WMS that eliminates cumber- some and inflexible middleware.
“With over 30 years of expertise and over 3,000 installations in implementing turn-key solutions for clients, we are continuously looking at how we can improve production manufacturing and MAX AGV is certainly a game changer,” he says.
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FlexCAM rises to market demands
Conveyor system specialist FlexCAM is meeting demand for flexible, robust and affordable solutions, says managing director Steve Alcorn. According to Alcorn, FMCG manufacturers are looking for robust
material handling solutions that ensure trouble free and low cost operations.
“A typical food producer would have around two hundred SKUs with up to twelve active items in production at any point in time. This requires conveyor systems to be able to handle multiple lines operating at different speeds and carrying various pack sizes around the factory floor.
“Systems must be operator friendly, allow for rapid change over, and be easy to maintain and clean to minimise valuable downtime,” he says.
“From an engineering design perspective material handling solutions must be able to deal with high volume and capacity, optimise floor space, and meet strict mechanical and electrical requirements for improved production efficiency. Manufacturers also demand long life-expectancy and fast installation to reduce ramp-up time.”
Alcorn believes that FlexCAM systems are the ideal solution to complex problems that require design expertise, industry know- how, and high quality parts and components.
“Our engineered solutions offer our customers on average twenty-five per cent reduction in cleaning time, up to forty per cent increase in floor space, and a minimum of ninety-eight per cent operating efficiency. Our ability to conduct simulation on our in house CAD tool enables us to test our designs and make changes to optimise production flows,” he says.
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