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 maintain a fresh and real fruit taste. And we’ve still managed to make one of the lowest calorie drinks on the market.”
For the Fellr founders, the health cues will be expected by consumers. “People love a good brand story and they also want something they’re proud to share on their socials and with their friends. Craft beer has really nailed that but premixes haven’t.
“Our tagline is the core we jump from: the drink from the land of fizz. It is about capturing the Australian energy of people getting out and having an awesome time,” Morgan says.
Another point of difference in the category is the use of slimline and sleek cans. Fellr’s can features a matte finish with a gradient graphic on a slimline can. The company worked with Visy to develop the final product.
Morgan says it is very early days for seltzers in Australia. “The US is a very different market to Australia as it didn’t have an established RTD market. Australian consumers are familiar with the concept but this new entrant to the market is exciting.
“This summer is when it will make its mark. It will be the new norm for RTD and beverage.” ✷
  Performance, not risk
Why do companies all over the world
trust the Contipure AseptBloc? Because it dependably bottles both high- and low-acid products. Because it gives you exceptional resource-economy. And because it works seven days at a stretch – without taking a single break.
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