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LEAKING packaging can cause losses in the production line and can damage consumer confidence and your brand’s reputation. Choosing accurate non-destructive leak detection for packaging will safeguard your product and allow you to comply with Lean Six Sigma process checking.
Oxipack specialises in non-destructive leak detection in airtight or vacuum packaging for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The Oxipack range offers unique, accurate leak test equipment and efficient leak detection solutions.
Packaging machines work best at full speed and with as little stops as possible. During start-up, machines run more slowly and this can be problematic. If the sealing process is too slow it can result in an imperfect seal and each time the machine stops (for example, when changing foil or due to a leak), new leaks can occur during the restart.
Automatic leak detection guarantees all leaking packaging will be removed during the start-up phase. 100 per cent reduction in leak detection allows your process to become more manageable and more efficient and can pay for itself within two years.
Consider the following:
• Cost of current percentage of leaking packaging;
• Cost of current manual checking for leaks;
• Removal of products still usable from leaking packaging;
• Disposal of spoiled products and packaging;
• Temporary storage if machines are stopped to check
batches and find leaks;
• Retail reimbursement when packaging is found to
have leaked;
• Cost of sending replacement products to customers; and
• Reputational damage due to complaints of spoiled or
damaged food.
There has never been a better time to invest in leak detection equipment for your production line. Take advantage of the new coronavirus-driven instant asset write-down of up to $150,000, meaning manufacturers effectively receive a 27.5 per cent discount on capex.
Heat and Control exclusively sells and services Oxipack’s specialist non-destructive leak detection in airtight or vacuum packaging in Australia. For more information on how Oxipack leak detection can assist your inspection process, contact Heat and Control today.
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Conveyors are the workhorses of many manufacturing and warehouse operations. A poorly designed conveyor system can be the difference between lean, efficient operations and constant stoppages, downtime, product contamination or damage.
A modern, smart design conveyor system will handle larger production runs, need fewer operators and uses less space than in the past. With smart automation, a properly designed conveyor will reduce energy costs, be safe to operate and integrate seamlessly with other equipment and software systems.
Australis Engineering have
been manufacturing conveyors
in Australia since 1983. Their
smart conveyor designs are
proven and trusted by some of
the world’s biggest
manufacturing companies to
reliably, safely and efficiently convey their cartons, bags and pallets. Australis offer conveyor options for food and beverages, medtech, warehouses, pallets, wet, explosive or cold environments and are experts at complex conveyor outcomes such as hygiene, single filing, diverting, inclining, accumulating or laydowns.
Their range includes belt, roller, slat and pallet conveyors. Using standard designs, Australis locally manufacture customised conveyors that integrate with your existing equipment, fit your floorspace, product requirements and budget.
Whether it’s a single conveyor or a fully automated conveying system, their smart conveyors will result in process and production improvements for your operations.
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For the ultimate in hygienic conveying, Australis Engineering’s Hygenius Conveyor system offers the highest standard of cleanliness to minimise surfaces where bacteria accumulate and creates a conveyor that is fast and simple to comprehensively clean.
The Hygenius ultra clean conveyor can be disassembled and reassembled in less than two minutes to allow a thorough washdown and deep clean of the entire frame, rollers, belt and motor. Other washdown conveyors can take 40 minutes just to prep for cleaning, which substantially increases downtime and lost production but also risks incomplete bacterial removal and compromises food and consumer safety and therefore brand reputation.
Hygenius is not simply another washdown conveyor. It utilises hygienic design principles and approved conveyor components certified by the European
Hygienic Engineering Design Group. This fundamentally
changes the structure of this
smart conveyor system and
means there are less
surface areas where
bacteria accumulates to
risk contaminating your
fresh food products while
simultaneously making cleaning
preparation fast and toolless.
Hygenius conveyors are perfect for fresh and raw foods such as meat, poultry, smallgoods, seafood, fruit, vegetables and dairy. In fact, any unpackaged food where good hygiene is critical to consumer safety and confidence.
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