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conscious and have a much better understanding of the link between nutrition and health. So it’s definitely an area where we would like to be investing.
QWhat does innovation
look like for you?
By bringing these two companies together as Nutricia, we are able to invest in a big research and innovation team.
We have a remarkable team of roughly seven hundred. We all have a real sense of purpose, working on products beneficial to society. They are driven by the knowledge that our R&D is relied on by some people to stay alive. That is not lost on us.
We are focused on much more innovation in the near future in the specialised nutrition space encompassing input nutrition, other categories and life stages.
At the moment probiotics in combination with foods is a hot topic, from baby digestion through to later in life. How can we make infant formula closer to breast milk because of course breast milk is the gold standard. But when breast milk is not possible, how can the infant formula be the best possible?
With health ageing, we don’t have the products or the ideal portfolio yet, but there’s much research being done right now, so that in a few years from now we can have many products in the market.
and we’re only now seeing a good level of market penetration and adoption for a commercialised product. The development cycle can be slow, but it has to be understood and accepted given the nature of the products we’re creating.
We want to be a company that is backed by science. We
don’t just launch products without enough evidence to prove the benefits we’re talking about.
We’re an extremely ethical company. It can mean we are slower to market, but once we’re there, we want to be known for products that are clinically proven to work. ✷
What are the biggest
challenges for the company?
Take Souvenaid, that initially came out of MIT in the early 2000s. The preclinical trials date back almost twenty years
Concerned about Product Contamination?
Nothing gets through your defences when it’s a Fortress!
Renowned for their exceptional performance and ability to detect the smallest metal contaminants, Fortress metal detectors are available in a wide range of aperture sizes and designs to suit
any product or application, including: difficult to detect (wet) products like dairy, fruit, meat and pumped fluids!
Features include:
• Fortress Technology’s Never Obsolete Commitment: backwards compatibility, software upgrades & parts
• Simple set-up & user-friendly operation
• Single product pass automatic calibration • Self-diagnostic testing
• Detailed data collection
Diverseco is the Australian Authorised Systems Integrator for the world’s leading manufacturers:
• Fortress Technology metal detectors from Canada
• WIPOTEC-OCS checkweighers & X-ray machines
Multi-lane Multi-Aperture Metal Detector
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